Yeah, You heard it right. As like browsers, Youtube also got the incognito mode to watch videos secretly. However, Youtube already had the option to stop the watching history and search history temporarily. But the incognito mode is much better than that. Because of being a temporary solution and going into deep settings to enable or disable the feature, it will be now easier.

This feature can’t be used to watch Age restricted videos if you don’t qualify the conditions to watch them. As mentioned earlier, the Youtube app had previously an option to pause the Watching history/search history but an Incognito mode is much appreciated.

Youtube Incognito Mode

The Youtube Incognito mode can be enabled through tapping the profile icon on the app. Then selecting the incognito mode from there. Eventually, You would have to go to settings, Then History, Then History settings to pause the watching or searching history. Then same to turn it on back. So, Definitely, The Incognito mode is something awesome from Youtube.

When you will log in to the Incognito mode for the first time, Youtube will show you this popup. Which says You’ve gone Incognito. However, It also claims that Your activity might be visible to your Internet Service Provider.

Youtube incognito mode seems to sign out your account from the app at the time. However, If you watch an age-restricted video, It will ask you to log in to your account to confirm your age. This will also disable the incognito mode at the time being. Yeah, You can’t watch the age-restricted video in the Youtube’s Incognito mode. However, If you want to pause your watching history, You can probably use the previous method. To do so, Go to settings, Then Go to History and then History settings. Now disable the watch history temporarily.

Now, You would say that what is much excitement about Youtube Incognito Mode. If you have to log in to your account to watch age restricted videos. The incognito mode just sign out your account to watch videos. Yeah, But it is more conventional than you signing out from the app and then watching any video which you don’t want to show as recommended videos in the account. You will not have to sign out from your account for that. However, We would have loved this feature if it could allow the user to watch all videos without logging in to the account.

Didn’t Get the update?

See if you have updated the Youtube app to the latest version. Also, Make sure you are using the latest build of official Youtube app. Still, Didn’t get the update? Just wait for sometime as Youtube is rolling out this feature for all.

Final Words

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