If you ever knew, GBWhatsapp or WhatsApp+ or other modded WhatsApp applications, they are all in a mess right now. WhatsApp has started banning users who are on Unofficial Apps/Mods of WhatsApp. Clearly, If you use any unauthorized methods to use WhatsApp with customization/modifications, WhatsApp is going to ban you soon.

As a product of Facebook, Instagram has already taken some steps to restrict the use of modded applications. Therefore, GBInstagram project was discontinued. Now, Its time for the WhatsApp modded applications. If you are using any type of modded application for WhatsApp on your device, It is advised to switch to the official WhatsApp to not see any ban on your account.

Using any kind of Modded applications for WhatsApp or Instagram was not preferred earlier as well. We have seen a lot of users reporting the ban of their account while using the Modded applications for WhatsApp. If you are still using any Modded app and did not get banned, You must be lucky. But, It is preferred to switch to the official WhatsApp as soon as possible.

Also, WhatsApp is going to delete all the Chats History, Call History & every data from your account. You might not be able to use the application with the same number in the future as well. There is a clear instruction given to all the TechDefinite readers, It is highly risky to keep using the Modded applications now.

To Switch to the official WhatsApp, All you have to do is backup your chat history to your Google Drive from the modded application. UnInstall the application from your device along with deleting all the data from the application. Clearing the Cache or Restarting the device might help you assure the deletion of all the data. Install the official WhatsApp application from the Google Play Store. Setup the app and Restore the Backup from your Google Drive only. With this method, You will be able to use official WhatsApp without losing any data.

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However, there is no guarantee of not getting banned by WhatsApp. There must be an algorithm that the application is following to ban the users. According to the resources, this will be a temporary ban on the users who are using any kind of modded applications on their account. Still, You can do the best from your side to protect your data and your account.

Over to You

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