We all use WhatsApp a lot. Its like an addition to our Daily Tasks. Let it be the Good Morning Forwards in the Family groups or Funny Videos from the friends. WhatsApp is the main reason behind fake news nowadays in India.

Some People forward every news without even proofreading it. That was the sole reason for some of the minor riots in India. WhatsApp was developed to better communicate with friends and family. This has become annoying nowadays.

Whatsapp Beta Forward Feature

To tackle this situation, WhatsApp is testing a feature to let you know how many times the forward was done. Let’s say, Someone shares a Fake NEWS, Then it gets forwarded and continued. WhatsApp will tell you how many times the message was forwarded. With this, You will be able to see the source of that message.

Isn’t it cool? Well, Some people will definitely love this feature. If you want to see if the sender for your message forwarded the message once, It was his fault. If that was forwarded like 10-20 times, she/he went with the flow. This way, You will be able to see if the person who is sending you the rumours is the true source or not.

WhatsApp is also trying Reverse Image Search on its platform. This has the same moto to tackle with the fake news/images. With this feature, People will be able to cross-check the image over the web. We see a lot of Images being shared on the platform. Most of them are not real, With this feature, WhatsApp will allow the user to verify the trustability of the image from the web.

Whatsapp Beta Forward Feature

There are a lot of features being added to WhatsApp. With these measures, all WhatsApp want to do is to stop the Fake news from being shared with others. Well, It is not that easy. Fake Sources can still use Photoshop or other tools to replicate the images and make the people trust on these for no reasons. Well, Forward Counts might not be the solution to check who the real source for that news was.

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With End-to-End Encryption, WhatsApp cannot check the real source of any message. All the Company can do is to provide the most features for the public themselves. People will have to verify the news. The best thing you can do is stop forwarding messages without checking on trusted sources. Google News is the best platform to check if the News is real or not.

We will see a lot of new features in the upcoming updates as well. These features are being tested on WhatsApp latest BETA. If you did not get these features on your device, Wait for the official Stable release of the application. Till then, Stay tuned to TechDefinite to get the latest updates around WhatsApp and other technology.

That was all about the latest features of WhatsApp. We expect that WhatsApp will take major steps to stop the Fake News on its platform. We are waiting for that. Share your thoughts/experience in the comments. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to get the latest updates around technology. Share Feedback/Suggestions/Queries down below.



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