We all use Whatsapp daily. Let it be spam messages that we get from the family group. Or those long chats with besties. It has now become a part of our daily routine.

Whatsapp gives its user the best feature possible. We all wanted to have a feature that could allow us to have video calls with the group. However, there are many services available for those group video calls. But we all have some friends, who only use WhatsApp for chats & calls.

Group Video Call

Video calls enable a person to have face to face chat with friends. How it will be if the whole group can have a video call in one frame. When it comes to group video call, it is somewhat similar to video conference. But a person will need to install another app for the video conference.

Facebook announced the group calling feature for WhatsApp in the Facebook F8 2018. The event just happened some days ago, and Whatsapp is rolling the feature now.

Check on yours too

To check on your smartphone, Just open the WhatsApp. And then select any contact to have a video call with. Call them and look for an option as Add Participant. If the option is available, You are good to go. But if you didn’t get the feature Make sure you have updated the app to the latest version.

I didn’t get the update

Don’t Worry, If you didn’t get the feature till now. Whatsapp is rolling this feature for beta users, testers. Whenever the testing completes, it will arrive on your smartphone too. For now the Android app with 2.18.145 and the iOS app with 2.18.52 or later has received the feature.

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The Previous Updates

Facebook’s owned Whatsapp already got few new features. Like Admin Control, which allows the admin of a group to have total control over the group. Also, the Whatsapp enabled chat filter for the WhatsApp business app. The company also announced the payment feature some months ago.

However, You cannot enable group video calling with an invite, just like we did for Whatsapp payment. You will have to wait for the company to roll-out the feature for stable users.

You might get a good experience if you are on Android P beta. Some of the devices which might get android P beta preview are:  Oneplus 6 | Google Pixel 2 | Samsung Galaxy S9

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