Recently it has been heard that now hackers can alter your WhatsApp messages and files before the receiver opens that particular messages.

According to the reports, WhatsApp says that now almost 1 billion WhatsApp messages are encrypted end to end. However, the question, which comes in our minds right now is safe from the hackers?


The answer is no! Because according to the reports, American cybersecurity department has recently announced that WhatsApp, which is a famous and most used messaging mobile application had a shortcoming or limitation that give permissions to the scammers to alter your WhatsApp messages as well as the media files before the receiver could see the message.


Working of the scam in the WhatsApp:

The files and messages of WhatsApp, which are externally stored in your smartphone by default, can be accessed by the third-party apps or other apps, which are installed in your phones and because of this hackers can get your messages and media files of WhatsApp more faster than the actual receiver.

This simply means that WhatsApp is not safe enough. Others can easily alter WhatsApp messages and media files.

WhatsApp is one of the very famous and most-used apps on the play store and iOS. It is used by almost 1.5 billion people all over the world. WhatsApp is trying to update its app as soon as possible for better security and privacy of the users rather than pointing out the person who is carrying the illegal activities.

WhatsApp is encouraging people to update the app to the latest version of the app and in addition to this WhatsApp is encouraging people to keep their android version as well as iOS version up to date too.

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WhatsApp is continuously working for the latest security methods for its users and privacy concerns of the users as well.


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