As we all know, Razer is a worldwide famous and well-known gaming hardware manufacturing company. It was founded back in the year 2005 by the entrepreneurs of Singapore named Min Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff.

Razer is considered one of the best and famous gaming hardware manufacturers and Razer has proved it recently by launching the viper, which is a kind of light and fast mouse with the optical switches in it.

The light and fast mouse viper is launched today, it has completed with the help of the professional gamers, and this new viper by Razer gives you surety about the fast and smooth performance.

Razer has described this new viper mouse that this viper mouse gives the gamers around 3 to 4 times fast performance when it is compared to the old and traditional mouse.

Working of the New Viper aMouse

Mechanical switches, which are placed in it give or pass the electrical signals from a hard or physical contact and this will create a bouncing effect. When we, click on the switch of the viper mouse its shutter opens and an infrared light pass. The infrared light pass and in addition to passing it gives a signal to the PC so that it can react. This part of the viper razor makes it more preferable to most of the players when it comes to a game or more fast mouse to play with when compared to another mouse.

Razer has not compromised with the quality and durability of the viper mouse in any way. In fact, Razer has ensured the durability of around 70 million clicks of the viper mouse. This new viper mouse has the speed flex cable, which has a low drag cover and it ensures us that it will reduce the friction and it will decrease the edge drag as well.

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Viper mouse is the lightest mouse of the Razer till now and you people know what it weighs only 60 g. Razer Viper is available in around 80 $.


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