Twitter’s Director of product management Sara Haider tweeted about the changes that are going to be made on the Twitter website as well as on mobile applications. Twitter is a platform for Short Stories which has certain limits. This is one of the most popular social media networks after Facebook. Talking about the update, Twitter is going to have additional features including Threads, Active Status and much more.

The update will roll out soon after the testing is over. With the new update, Users will be able to know about the active status of the other person within the tweet itself. It is not as easy as it looks and we cannot guess what will be the exact final result of this algorithm. With this, People will get to know about every other person? If that comes into play, Political leaders, Celebrities, Sportsperson’s active status would be seen by us. But, That is not going to happen (in my opinion), Twitter will think over it and will definitely come up with a better idea.

Talking about the threads, Twitter will now have threads like what we see on Facebook. We have already seen something like this on Instagram earlier and Now, It’s the turn for Twitter. You will see threads which will include the reply to the specific tweet above it and will include the highlighted color as well to highlight it as a reply.

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These are not yet confirmed to come into action, The information was provided by the Twitter’s Director of product management, Sara Haider. If the threads come to Twitter, It will be easier to navigate and read the proper replies & conversation on Twitter.

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