At a press event organized in California, the Twitter Product Lead, Mr. Kayvon Beykpour revealed that they are not planning to release the edit tweet button anytime soon on the platform.

This comment came months after the CEO Jack Dorsey said that they are planning to let users add a little clarification to their tweets if they contain any typos or errors.

They also divulged that the users will be soon able to follow interests just like they follow accounts. They also said that they have plans to bring support for Apple’s Live Photos.

TechCrunch reported that Beykpour addressed this question very ambiguously when he was asked about the tweet button. He talked about some risk factors associated with this button. However, they are planning to bring the button in the future, just not soon.

Twitter sees risk in much awaited edit tweet button, and some other latest updates for the App

Now, this sounds familiar to what their CEO talked about in an event for Goldman Sachs in February. He said at that time that Twitter is planning to add this new feature which will allow the users to add some annotations or clarifications to their older tweets.

Earlier in February, in a podcast interview, Dorsey also hinted at the option for providing a delay of five to thirty seconds, giving the users some time to delay it. He clarified that one of the reasons there is no editing feature is that the platform was based on SMS format, that’s why there is no editing feature.

Also, they mentioned about bringing the ability to support the live photos of Apple. An option of reordering the photos in a tweet after attaching it to a new tweet can also be seen on the platform.

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In the Press Conference, they organized in San Fran, apart from talking about the edit feature and the Live Photos option, they also talked in detail about one major feature that Twitter is working on. Verge reported that the company has revealed that the platform is soon going to allow its users to follow some famous topics like sports, celebrities among others. And then on the basis of their selection, users will be able to view the tweets on their timeline.

They will also enable the users to hide a few categories of tweets by muting the topics temporarily. It is also testing this feature wherein users will be able to form a separate list within the app that would contain their specific interests.

It was recently reported that the company is also working on searchable direct messages.




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