Hey, What’s up Guys! Today, I would like to talk about the best ROMs you should definitely try on your Xiaomi devices or any other phones as well. Everyone has a different taste; these are my choices of the best ROMs available right now running on Android Oreo & Android Pie. I do test ROMs on my two years old Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

I keep on testing different ROMs on this device. So, we have a separate series on TechDefinite: ‘RootNRoms’, where we feature everything related to Rooting the device & different ROMs as well. Talking about the device on which I am testing these ROMs, it is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo). The device does perform pretty good even after two years of usage.

The development of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is awesome; we have already got more than two-three ROMs based on Android Pie for the device(Kenzo). I have not faced any big issue till now, just one related to battery, I had to get it replaced just a few days back. This is also recommended by some users to get better Battery life/Performance on the device.

Now, Let’s talk about the ROMs that you should consider downloading and trying for all your Xiaomi devices. I have not tested on much but they are available on almost all Xiaomi devices. You should definitely check yours on the XDA forums available on the internet. If you have the below mentioned ROM for your device, you are going to have the best experience of Android with these ROMs. Now, Let’s begin with the ROMs I would recommend to all the Xiaomi users out there.

Pixel Experience – Android Pie

First of all, Let’s talk about the best Android PIE ROM you can get right now for your device. It is the Pixel Experience ROM (official) running on Android Pie. It is the best Android Pie ROM I have tried till now. But, Because of being the latest Android version, it has few bugs which might be fixed in the later updates. Obviously, you are getting an experience of Android Pie on your two-three year phones, it is still a good thing for the device. As the name suggests, it gives the similar experience from the latest Pixel devices running on Android Pie.

It has that stock Launcher with Google Widget on top. The Pixel Experience ROM has got similar ‘Recents’ UI to what we see on a Google Pixel 2/2 XL. The Volume bar is now to the sides which makes it easier to access with one hand. Additionally, you get benefits like experiencing all the Google’s default app for every purpose. This is definitely going to excite you with its Stock UI.

Also, you cannot use Substratum on the Android Pie, this is definitely a bad thing about the latest Android Version. So, for this reason, & along with getting tired of few bugs, I switched back to the Android Oreo; Bootleggers ROM in the next section.

Bootleggers ROM – Android Oreo

This is one of my favorite ROM for the devices like Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo), Redmi Note 4 (Mido) & other as well. I switched back to it after using the Android PIE ROM for more than a week. I should say, Android Oreo is still better as of now. The battery on this ROM worked in the best for me. It is definitely going to give you better SOT compared to Android PIE ROMS because of certain reasons.

Bootleggers ROM is one of the best Android Oreo ROM available right now. We have already done the review of Bootleggers ROM’s previous version. The things have changed and it is more reliable & has got a better overall experience. Not only this, The Bootleggers ROM provides a lot of customization to the UI which make it a better ROM in my opinion. I have used a couple of other ROMs as well. But, this will be my choice for the Oreo until next time.

I am still using this on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 for more than a week & I’m definitely loving the experience. The only thing which I didn’t like about this ROM was the ‘Recents’ UI. What else you can expect if you have already used the better ‘Recents’ UI on an Android Pie ROM. Concluding this section, if you have not tried this ROM yet on your Xiaomi device, make sure to try at least once. It has been a great ROM for a while now. Also, I have tested the other ROMs as well including the upcoming Nitrogen OS running on Android Oreo.

Nitrogen OS – Android Oreo

Now, coming back to the other recommendations of the Android Oreo ROMS, the next on the lineup is the Nitrogen OS. I have used the Android Nougat & Android Oreo Beta variant of this ROM. So far, everything has got me to love this ROM. This is the reason Nitrogen OS made its way to my recommendations for the best ROM available for Xiaomi devices. There are a lot of features which were better in terms of performance on the Nitrogen OS ROM.

I had to Stop using this ROM for only one Reason, being Its lesser battery performance. Yeah, I have to admit, I have used this ROM just after upgrading from an Android Nougat ROM & I didn’t like the battery performance of the Android Oreo’s Beta ROM at that time. This is definitely a good ROM with all the features & timely updates. This ROM has been appreciated by many of the testers on the internet.

You should definitely try this out if you want nearly Stock Android Experience with Customization options, it is definitely worth a try. The best part is, Nitrogen OS is available for all the Xiaomi devices and It runs on Android Oreo for all the devices out there. It is a must try if you want a ROM without any lag/bug running on Android Oreo. Wrapping up this section & moving to the next entry on the list; Resurrection Remix running on Android Oreo.

Resurrection Remix – Android Oreo

Talking about the next ROM on the list, I have used this ROM back at the time of Android Nougat. It was one of my favorite Android Nougat. But, Things changed, Choices changed. Now, it is still in the Top 5 ROMs I consider for my device. The UI on the Android Oreo has changed a lot. You see a colorful animation on the boot, it is amazing. Also, This ROM is one of those ROMs which get weekly/nightly updates, which makes it a better performing/Stable ROM out in the market.

Talking about the ROM, it runs smoothly on your Xiaomi devices or any other if you would love to try. It is available for most of the Xiaomi devices & works smoothly on all of them. In terms of performance, it is a pretty good ROM with better Battery performance giving more than 6-7 hours of Screen On Time. Not only this, Resurrection Remix have been developed so well, it does not have any bugs in the Stable ROM & is fixed within the next update (if any).

Viper OS – Android Oreo

Talking about the Last but not the Least; Viper OS running on Android Oreo. It is one of those ROMs which is updated once in a while. But, Still, The ROM has got all the features we have seen on an Android Oreo-based ROM. I have tried this ROM with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, The Nougat variant is still a better choice in terms of performance. If you want some additional features which are only present in Android 8.1 or above, you will have to try the Android Oreo-based Viper OS.

One of the reasons why I shifted to Android Oreo on the Viper OS from Android Nougat was the Picture-in-Picture mode in YouTube. I have been loving this feature for a while, that was missing from the Android Nougat based Viper OS. Still, For the best SOT/Battery Performance, I will recommend Android Nougat of this Viper OS if you can use it without some Android Oreo-only features. All in All, Viper OS is also a pretty good ROM to definitely give a try on your Xiaomi devices. It is also available for most Xiaomi devices as per my research.

You can download these ROMS from their particular website or just log in to XDA Forums for your device & Experience the best ROMs on your device.

Final Words

That was all about the Best ROMs available for Xiaomi devices. If I missed your favorite in this episode, let me know through the comments & I will try to include in the next one. Also, share your experience with using these ROMs on your smartphone. If you have any doubts/queries/feedback/suggestions, let us know by commenting down below. Follow us on all Social Media platforms to get the latest technology updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Telegram.

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That was it for this time, Stay tuned for awesome content at techdefinite.net

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