If you are looking for the best Android Apps which can share the latest tech news, You are at the right place. I am going to share some of the best Daily Tech News apps which will run smoothly on your Android device.

Before I start talking about other apps, Let me clear some points first of all. TechDefinite does not have any official app as of now & We are coming up with one very soon. The following are those apps which I have tested personally & found trusted. TechDefinite is nowhere connected with these applications for now.

These apps are my favorite choice for this category. If you have any other suggestions, Let us know through the comments. We will be more than happy to make another edition of this Series. Without doing any further delay, Let’s get straight into one of those.

  • Google News

Google News - best daily tech news app

Google News is one of the best platforms for all the latest news & updates. Also, the Android App for Google News is available to download from Google Play Store. The Technology Section of Google News is filled up with the latest buzz around technology.

TechDefinite is also available on Google News. You can just click here to see the latest coverage from TechDefinite on Google News. The Latest update of Google News brought Dark Mode on the app. You can follow any News Source you would like to get news from. This is the most popular app for Daily Tech News.

Google News has more than 1 Billion downloads on Google Play Store. The App has got the user rating of 4.0 Stars with over 1000K reviews. User Experience on the app is truly amazing. As it is a Google’s Product, It is trusted as well as secure to use.


  • CNET

CNET - best daily tech news app

Next on the list is the CNET app for Android. You must have seen the website of CNET once in your life. The App has got all the things you want to have in a Tech News application. I have personally tested the application, It performed very well.

According to our testing experience, CNET is one of the best Applications which is operated by Individual Source (CNET). This app shares all the latest NEWS about technology that you would like to get. You also get updates and notifications within the app about the latest happenings in Technology.

This App has got more than 100K downloads on the Google Play Store. It also has the User Ratings of 4.0 Stars with over 1K reviews on the Play Store. The Best part about this application is the User Interface. Being a designer, I can totally say that CNET has one of the best UI/UX in a Tech News App for Android.


  • TechCrunch

TechCrunch - best daily tech news app

TechCrunch is another app on the list. It is also one of the best applications which provide the latest news about Technology on time. It is also managed by an Individual Source (TechCrunch). You will see a lot of interesting updates on the app.

Talking about the Application, This Android App is by far the most interesting application for daily tech news. You will get notified within the app for an interesting update in technology. You can also watch different events, videos organized by TechCrunch itself. As TechCrunch is more related to Startups & business as well, You will be greeted with business & marketing stuff as well.

This App has also got more than 100K downloads on the Google Play Store. But, It has a slightly lesser User Rating from the previous one, TechCrunch has 3.9 Star overall rating from over 3K User Reviews. Definitely, It has a decent UI/UX for a good Application Experience on the Android Smartphone.


  • Flipboard

Flipboard - best daily tech news app

Flipboard is another application which lets you get all the latest buzz around technology on your android smartphone. The best part about this app is it’s Easy to Use way to read the latest news. You can choose the category you like from the app itself. For instance, We chose Technology, Computer Science and the app performed very well.

It will feature all the news from the category you have selected. To see the next news, You can just swipe up to change the story. To read the full news, You just need to tap on the story to get the whole NEWS about that particular topic. It is a very nice way to just read all the necessary news you are interested in.

This App is more popular than the previous two because of not being just ‘Technology-specific’ app. Flipboard has more than 500M downloads on Google Play Store. Along with that, It has got 4.4 overall star rating for 1M+ reviews on the Play Store. The UI/UX is definitely better for sharing news in the simplest way possible.



Feedly - best daily tech news app

Feedly is last but not the least popular application. This app has definitely made its place in the Best Daily Tech News app list edition. Feedly deserves to be on the Top 5 list, so here it is. This collects NEWS from different sources through RSS & presents them in an Android app.

TechDefinite is also available on Feedly. You can simply search for TechDefinite and can follow us on Feedly. It is definitely a nice platform to get the latest updates from the ‘technology world’. Feedly app on Android is definitely a must try app if you would like to follow the feeds from your favorite Websites.

This app has over 5 Million downloads on the Google Play Store. With that, Feedly has overall User Rating of 4.5 Stars with more than 300K reviews on the Play Store. The UI/UX is decent comparing it to the other normal Feed websites. It fetches all the latest stories from the feed of any website itself. It is definitely a must-try application on Android.


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