Telegram, which is an online social media platform company of San Francisco, has recently released a new update for iOS and Android users. In this update, we can experience new and innovative features of the Telegram application.

Feature 1: you can now send messages on Telegram silently:


One of the new, innovative, and latest features of the Telegram app is now its users can send and receive messages silently without any voice. If you want to send someone a silent message, which in other words means you want to send someone a message but do not want to make their phone sound. You can now send silent messages.

You just have to press and hold the send button if you want to send messages without the sound. This results in a very useful option for many people as they can be in a meeting, class or they might be asleep. Your message can show up in the notification and light their phone screens as well but do not make any sound.

Feature 2: video thumbnails and timestamps feature:

Video thumbnails and timestamps feature is another innovative feature of the Telegram app. In this feature when you scrub a video it will show a thumbnail, which will tell you that where are you in the video. Adding a timestamp to a message with a video and clicking on that timestamp will take you to that exact spot in the linked video.

Feature 3: Group slow mode:

As we, all know that many times groups get flooded by the messages. Therefore, the Telegram app has launched its new feature in which you can select a time interval between the messages so that people cannot message too quickly in the groups.

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Feature 4: animated emoji:

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In this update, Telegram has also launched animated emojis. This emojis will show an animated version every time they are posted in the chat. The animated emoji vibrates too.

Feature 5: dark themes:


Telegram’s iOS version now allows its users to change accent colors for the dark themes in the app.


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