Samsung shares an invite on its official website with the title “4X fun”. The Company does not clear the Venue or the Time but It is going to happen on Oct. 11. Samsung is going to unveil any new Galaxy device as the launch is organized as a Galaxy Event 2018. The Invite includes “4X fun” on the top. Below that, ‘A Galaxy Event’ written and the dates can be seen.

The Company clears about the invitation in a Press Release, Saying it a Global Event. The Event can be watched through the official websites of the Brand. It is going to be excited to see, what the company brings for the consumers. A Foldable Phone? or Chromebook? It’s hard to guess right now. But, Let’s just wait for the actual event to happen on 11th October.

This News was brought to us by CNET. It was the quick update about a Launch Event happening on 11th October. It is definitely going to be something 4 times, The 4-times Foldable device? Okay, Sorry, It is surely tough thing for now. Stay tuned, If we get something more about this, We will let you know here!

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