Samsung is going to launch Galaxy Note 9. As far as we know, Samsung launches their Note series smartphones every year. Sometimes they rock and sometimes they shock. Samsung is going to launch the successor to the Galaxy Note 8 in the month of July. The dates are not confirmed but here are few leaks we know about Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is going to have similar features like that on the previously launched Galaxy S9. The only thing which makes Note series exceptional is the S-Pen. The display is going to be bigger and the cameras will be better.

Why is Samsung launching the next Note series earlier?

The reason is obviously the sales of Galaxy S9 & S9+. Also to compete with the next iPhone which may launch in September.

According to Korean Herald, Samsung has already started the manufacturing of a 6.38-inch display in April. According to sources, it was two months earlier than the previous device.  China Ministry of Industry Information Technology (CMII) has also verified the news of the earlier launch of Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 may compete with the recently launched Oneplus 6, but not in terms of price range.

Some features we know

As per rumors, the Note 9 is going to have 4000 mAh of battery. The device may have the same processor as like on the Galaxy S9 & S9+. The phone is going to have 6.38 inch of display.

The headphone jack is still present. The fingerprint sensor is going to have the same position at the rear side. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come in two or more variants.

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Samsung Galaxy S series 10th device is going to launch in this year. It’s better for the company to launch the Note 9 as soon as possible. However, it’s going to be fun to wait for the next Note device.

Bixby 2.0

Samsung has recently confirmed that Galaxy Note 9 is going to have Bixby 2.0. Gray G. Lee from Samsung confirmed that it is going to be more efficient. Not just a personal assistant, it is going to have focused on Artificial intelligence this time. So, we can expect much more from the Bixby this time.

Samsung also claimed that more devices are going to get Bixby 2.0.

Final Verdict

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