As the Samsung is set to launch its Next Note series in August, We have got all the information about that. Thanks to the leaks and renders we have seen so far. Now, The next render reveals the front of Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This time we got the official render of the device. However, It looks almost similar to previous year’s Note series smartphone, Galaxy Note 8. Although, there is a small change in the front as the size of the chin has been decreased slightly. This is 2018, Truely bezel-less is the trend.

Except for the change in the size of the chin on the bottom of the device, We could not find any difference from the last year’s Galaxy Note 8. For a side by side comparison, We have shown the image down below. This is what exactly we have seen in the recently launched flagships Galaxy S9 and S9+. They had a similar design to their predecessor Galaxy S8 and S8+ for the front section.

However, We saw some changes in the back of the device in the S9 and S9+. It is expected with the Note series as well, We might see some change in the position of the fingerprint sensor, Dual cameras, and the flashlight as well.


Talking about the specification of the device, We have already shared all the details we knew. But for instance, Take a quick look what you may get in this year’s Galaxy Note 9. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to have a 6.4-inch display with a screen resolution of 2960 X 1440 pixels. We may see a screen with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio.

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For battery and performance, Galaxy Note 9 may have 4,000 mAh of a huge battery to last long for a day. Also, Galaxy Note 9 may be launched with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor. We may see features like Wireless charging, Iris lock, S-Pen (obviously) and other cool and exciting stuff with Galaxy Note 9.

Talking about the launch event, As mentioned earlier, Samsung is all set to launch its Galaxy Note 9 on 9th of August, this year. It will be cool to see the launch. However, We have shown you everything about the phone. All thanks to the leaks and renders so far.

Final Talks

This is how we shared the information about Galaxy Note 9’s ‘official’ renders. According to our sources, The renders have been told by some officials of Samsung. So, We can expect them to be true as per what the sources declared.

This is it from our side. I hope you liked the information we shared. If you did, Make sure to share it with your friends on all the social media platforms. Also, If I missed anything, Let me know through the comments. These are just the renders of the device from a source, Thereby, We do not confirm any of the specifications or design. However, Almost more than 95 percent of our leaks came out to be true. But still, Take them as a pinch of salt.

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