PUBG Mobile is likely to launch the new features soon. PUBG Mobile will soon get a brand new way to traverse the landscape as well.

PUBG mobile

According to the reports, a video, which is posted by Mr. Ghost Gaming, says that the players will soon be able to fly a helicopter in the game.

According to that video, the new vehicle will spawn in a helipad located on top of the School. Entire squads of the players will be able to board the vehicle with one player acting as the pilot and the rest doubling up as gunners.

The helicopter in the game itself is based on the Boeing AH-6 light helicopter. Is not interesting?

In the addition of a helicopter, PUBG Mobile is also adding a dose of verticality to the PUBG Mobile gameplay, which is considering that almost all of the gameplay is held on terra firma.

PUBG mobile

Along with the addition of helicopter, PUBG Mobile is also adding the homing missile launchers, grenade launchers, as well as an RPG that fires non-homing missiles.

There is a piece of new equipment, which is added in the form of a pair of binoculars, which can be used to all in an artillery strike on a location. Moreover, a new addition is the vehicle repair kit, which helps and lets the PUBG Mobile users in repairing the vehicles.

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