Seeing the amount of craze for PlayerUnknown BattleGround (PUBG) in the kids, It has definitely made its place to there smartphone. PUBG Mobile is one of the Top Games to be played in the last couple of months. The New Update for PUBG Mobile v0.12.0 brings some of the cool features to the Most Trending Game on Play Store.

The Update will start rolling out to Android as well as iOS devices from today. All you have to do is visit the update section on Google Play Store & check if the update is available on your device. It might take a little time to arrive on your specific device as it is rolling out globally to all the users.

As we have already seen the addition of new Zombie Mode in the earlier versions. This update will bring Darkest Night Mode (EvoGround Mode), that will allow the player to survive for One Night fighting Zombies. The team that survives for One Night and stays alive fighting Zombies, will win the Game.

EvoGround Mode is said to replace Event Mode, It is also rumored that the Game will add more Modes in the future. Other addition to this Survive Till Dawn includes the Stun Grenades which can be used to stun zombies. Liquid Nitrogen Grenades are also included in the latest version to freeze enemies.

You might see Jumping zombies and zombie dogs in the latest update along with some zombies climbing the low walls or roofs. With these, there are a lot of other additions to the latest version of PUBG Mobile. You can directly download the latest update from Google Play Store now as the Roll Out has begun already.

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With that said, this was all about the latest PUBG Mobile’s Update. If you have any queries, doubts, suggestions or feedback, let us know through the comments. Also, Share your experience with the latest PUBG Mobile or tell us if you didn’t get the update till now.

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