Recently, Oneplus launched their new flagship smartphone along with Bullets wireless earphones. Oneplus 6 already gained too much popularity of it being sold more than 1 Million units in a very short period of time. Now its time for Oneplus Bullets Wireless Earphones. The earphones already launched in other countries. India is the next country to launch Oneplus Bullets wireless earphones.

These Oneplus wireless earphones cost very less in India as compared to other countries. The total price is Rs. 3,999 (Roughly $59). These earphones will go on sale tomorrow at 12 p.m. on the official website. Talking about the sale, It has already got so much hyped by the tech enthusiasts that It can be easily predicted of the earphones being out of stock in few minutes in the first sale.

Tips to Remeber

  • Strong Internet connection is a must to get the oneplus bullets earphone in the first sale.
  • Open the official website 5 minutes before the time to be on time.
  • Save your cards and address to the oneplus account to easily check out in time.
  • Ask your friend to order for you if you don’t have a strong connection.
  • Always use pc because they have higher chances of completing the steps in time.


Talking about the features, The Oneplus bullets wireless earphones provide a lot of features. Few of them are listed below:


The most exciting feature of the bullets wireless is its compatibility¬†with dash charge to support fast charging. The cable is included in the box, but not the adapter. The company claims that charge of 10 minutes gives you total usage of up to 5 hours. However, It doesn’t guarantee with adapters other than Oneplus‘s original Dash Charge.

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Magnetic Controls

Another exciting feature of Oneplus‘s newly launched earphones is its magnetic control. The feature allows the user to pause the music by just attaching the earphones to each other through magnet inside. This can come in handy if you don’t wish to use your smartphone to control the music.

Google Assistant Compatibility

These earphones work well with Google assistant. It is hoped that in future updates, Oneplus might bring compatibility with other ai based platforms. It is going to be fun using these earphones.

Water Resistant

Although Oneplus doesn’t claim that the Bullets wireless are totally water-proof but the company claims these to handle sweat and some rain splash. The company totally agrees with them not being completely waterproof, which might not interest you much to buy them. However, In this price range, not much wireless earphones come with being waterproof.

The Design

The design of Oneplus bullets wireless is amazing. These do not look like the cheap earphones we see in the market. Oneplus‘s bullets wireless looks more classy than what you think. The metallic design makes it a premium product.

Final Talks

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