Apple launched the iPhone X in 2017, and with that launch, they changed how people unlock their smartphones. It was just a matter of time before Andriod phone makers switched to the same technology, offering their users their own version of FaceID. Now, however, you would barely find a phone that is not offering facial recognition features. 

The next step that Apple has taken into this field is, bringing this facial recognition features to its MacBooks. Digital Trends has published a report according to which, Apple has already got the patent for a feature which very much resembles the FaceID feature, and this one is for the MacBooks.

Well, when we do think about it, it is not exactly a surprise, they were the first ones to do it in the mobile phones, last year they did it for iPad Pro, now they are the first ones to do it for the laptops as well.  

MacBooks are changing, probably not this year, or not the year next to it, but you will see the change soon. And there are so many new features it is going to have. 

One of Apple iPhone’s best feature may come to MacBook laptop

Also, the rumours say, that Apple is replacing its 15-inch devices and bringing in the 16-inch ones. 12-inch MacBooks are not available anymore, the same could happen to the 15-inch devices as well.

Again, some unconfirmed reports say that Apple is planning to replace their butterfly keyboards on MacBooks. Anyway, this is a good thing, since they were a sore point for all the users for several years now. And this sore point is going to be rid of, finally!

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