If you are an android user and do not love the pre-installed launcher of the device, then this is probably for you. If you love to customize your smartphone just after purchasing the device, You might want to install a launcher which makes your phone look like the pixel. If you are a stock Android fan like me, Nova Launcher is the best suitable launcher for you. It gives you all the features what we see on a pixel device. It does not make you feel bored from the typical pre-installed launcher.

Why Nova Launcher?

You might ask why only Nova Launcher? Although, everybody has different choices that we can’t change by any means. But if you are someone who does not like those boring launchers which do not allow any customization or even don’t relate with Google’s Pixel devices, Nova launcher is the game changer for you. It is somehow inspired by Google Pixel devices and add some extra features with every update. If you want those lovely animations along with swipe-up app drawer, You should definitely try Nova Launcher.

Nova launcher allows many customizations which might interest you in some ways. Changing icon pack was something that I wanted for long on the default launchers, but after using Nova Launcher it is so much easy to use custom icon packs from play store. Also, Now you can customize the icon layout within the launcher itself without installing third party icon packs.

Updated Nova Launcher 6.0

Nova launcher 6.0 is now released on the play store. Below are the changes that are made to one of the best launcher available on the play store:

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Improved Settings Layout: The settings layout is now changed and modern on the new Nova Launcher.

Settings Search: Now the search bar is available to search the settings.

Customizable Adaptive Icons: Now you can customize the icons manually. For example, Customizing the icon from corners is now an easy task.

Matched App Folder & Drawer size: Now the app folder and app drawer size are now matched by default.

Search Bar customization: Now you can customize the search bar between Google and Nova search itself.

Changed Folder Design: The folder’s design can now be changed between Windows and Immersive mode.

App Drawer Search: The app drawer search style can be changed in different ways.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime

You can also purchase the add-on termed as Nova launcher Prime which gives you some extra functions. The prime version gives you access to some miscellaneous features including gesture control, more customization and others.

Over to You

This is it from my side. I hope you liked the latest version of Nova Launcher which comes with tremendous features that will make you fall in love with it. If you have any queries/feedback/suggestion, comment down below. Also, share your tips that you use to customize your android smartphone.

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