McAfee, the global cybersecurity firm announced on Friday that it is acquiring a cloud security startup NanoSec for an undisclosed amount. 

NanoSec was founded by Vishwas Manral who is now the CEO in 2015, and its offices are in California and Bengaluru.

This acquisition will strengthen the container security capabilities of MVISION Server Protection and McAfee MVISION Cloud products. This would allow them to deliver the ability to speed up application delivery by enhancing governance, security, and compliance of their hybrid multi-cloud deployments.

McAfee to acquire this California and Bengaluru-based startup to boost cloud security

Capabilities of NanoSec will be applied to the workloads and applications of Kubernetes and containers. Then they would be integrated into the MVISION Server Protection and McAfee MVISION Cloud products. The said capabilities include the continuous configuration of compliance, vulnerability assessment and application-level segmentation which will help to detect and prevent various threats. 

Vishal Manral, the CEO of NanoSec said that some groundbreaking opportunities will be available to them once they come together. he said that together they will be able to increase the reach of their unique application-identity based approach for app-level protection and micro-segmentation. 

Senior Vice President and General Manager of the cloud security business unit of McAfee Rajiv Gupta said that together both the teams are committed to bringing about changes by working on their full potential.

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