It is definitely a proud moment for the people from India, An India-based Startup raised $70 Million by Investors like Goldman Sach & TPG Growth. It is not a big surprise for Indians nowadays, Seeing the recent deal between Flipkart & Wallmart. It is definitely the result of Creativity in Indian Markets. The Technology has been growing so fast in India & Owners like Sachin Bansal, Anuj Srivastava and Ramakant Sharma are making the best use of technology in India is a matter of proud for us. Yeah, Livspace was founded by Anuj Srivastava & Ramakant Sharma, who has been into Myntra, Jungle Ventures and much more in 2015.

Livspace is a platform which allows the user to see virtually how the interior design may look. Not only this, The Business is all about Home Designs. The Startup focuses on the designs needed by people for the Renovation or completely fresh New Homes. So, this is how the India-based Startup, Livspace connects Consumers, Designers & Suppliers as well. The platform is a good use of technology integrating Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Augmented Reality (A.R.). This is how the Company focuses on Virtually previewing the design plan for Consumer’s home interior design. The company also allows the Consumer to have One-on-One talk with the designer to clear all the doubts & suggestions.

This Startup is currently working in three Cities in India. After the successful raising of funds for more than $70 Million (Appx 5,03,82,50,000), The company is valued to have more than $100 Million to the Total Funds. With this update, Livspace is focusing to cover 13 cities in India. Not only this, The company is preparing to launch the Platform in other countries as well. During the Interview with TechCrunch, Srivastava said, The Company has completed more than 5,000 projects so far & with having at least 1,200 projects at any time. Also, The Company claims to have 25,000 designers & only 10 percent of the applicants are approved for the Quality of the Brand.

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This is definitely a cool part for the Country, We see a lot of India-based Startups, like Flipkart, Livspace, Ola and many others getting Funds from different Investors outside the country, It feels great. For more awesome Startup/Business Related Content, Follow our Business Portal at TechDefinite.

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