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You might be a fan of the Mod Applications available for different platforms. We have already seen a GB Instagram APK which includes some insane features, Now It’s the turn for GB WhatsApp. Today, I will share the latest download link for GB WhatsApp APK and also share the best use of GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is definitely an awesome MOD of WhatsApp & the features are much better than the regular WhatsApp APK.

GB Whatsapp 6.65

There are a lot of features & Use of GB WhatsApp in your day to day use. The app is definitely worth trying and You will not regret it later as well. With GB WhatsApp, you can do amazing things which can prank your friends, relatives & co-workers as well, which I will talk about in the later section.

Features of GB WhatsApp: What is So Special?

Let’s find out what is so interesting in the latest version of GB WhatsApp.  Before we start, you should definitely check out these features, they can help you use the features you didn’t know. Not only this, In the next section, we have provided all the Changes that have been happened to the latest version of GB WhatsApp, make sure to check them out as well.


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There are tons of features available on GB WhatsApp, Here are the best of them which are definitely worth Trying.

  • Theme/Customization

You might have got bored of the official User Interface of the WhatsApp without any themes on top. But, With GB WhatsApp, You can try all the themes available within the app. There are tons of themes available in the app which looks dope as well. These themes are made by users & get updated timely. You can download as many themes as you want and apply them accordingly.

There are a lot of Customization options available in the latest GB Whatsapp APK. You can change the style of Tick (Read Indicator) & other features in the app. This was not present on the official Whatsapp, The customization is now made easier with the latest MOD of Whatsapp available.

  • Scheduled Messages

This is also an insane feature on the GB WhatsApp 6.55. You can schedule messages accordingly & they will be sent to the person you have stated earlier. The person will not get to know if the message was sent as a scheduled one. This can come in handy for most of the lovebirds out there. You might have to send messages to your girlfriend/boyfriend & never want to miss any single day, Simply try GB WhatsApp’s Scheduled message. It is going to be a great feature for you.

If you are an organization/startup, You want to do some branding over Whatsapp, GB WhatsApp can help you in this case. Rapid growth in Digital Marketing is being seen from the past few years. People are also getting influenced by these promotions done in a sweet way. You can simply get a list of phone numbers that are interested in your idea, Schedule messages on their accounts and boom! Wait for the overwhelming response over these messages daily. (I shared a business tip for you, Wait for a detailed series soon)

  • Video Limit

The Video limit in the status was a problem for many, In the official Whatsapp, You get to upload only 30 seconds of video. While on GB WhatsApp, It is increased to 7 minutes. Now you can send videos up to 7 minutes to your friends, family, relatives & others. This is an awesome feature for many users. They like to share bigger video clips in the Status, Now, They Can.

  • Block Calls

GB Whatsapp allows you to block Calls from a particular person you want or everyone. Back then, People used to disturb us by calling on WhatsApp during Busy hours. Now, It is easier to block the particular person’s call or It can be blocked for everyone as well. This is also one of the important features from GB WhatsApp.

  • Friend Online

GB Whatsapp sends you a notification whenever your friend in contact changes his/her profile picture. Also, If You open GB Whatsapp after a while, It will update you about Who is online at that time first. This is a great feature to get notified about any of the change occurs in Friend’s profile.

  • Hide Conversation

If you don’t want to share any conversation with others, You can simply hide the conversation in the GB WhatsApp. This is also a feature that was missing from the official WhatsApp. Nowadays, Privacy is a matter of concern. However, You might have those creepy friends who have dirty eyes on your smartphone everytime you go out with them. You can simply hide all the conversations that you don’t want to show them by any means.

  • Media Downloads

With GB WhatsApp, You do not need to download any media to watch them temporarily. Simply, You can watch the preview of the media sent by another person without downloading the actual file for the time being. This can come in useful if you do not have much data at any particular time, You can simply preview the media without downloading the actual file.

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These were some of the cool features of GB Whatsapp that you can try. However, The latest GB WhatsApp 6.55 has some more updates, Let’s find them out in the next section.

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Changelog: GB Whatsapp 6.65

Stickers: With the update to GB Whatsapp 6.65, Stickers are added to the app. After the official release of Stickers on the Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp 6.65 has finally got them in this update.

Mentions: You can directly get to know about the mention or reply to your message in a group. This feature will come in handy when you would like to get to know about your particular interactions within a group. You will get the count of mentions, replies within a group.

Ignoring Calls: The Latest version of GB Whatsapp 6.65 allows you to ignore the calls from any specific person. With this feature, GB Whatsapp will allow you to ignore the calls and will not let know the caller as well about this. The Caller will get the normal display while calling.

Conference Call: You can now activate the Conference call feature on the latest GB Whatsapp 6.65 in a group. You can add different members from a group to call on the conference, with the latest version of GB Whatsapp.

Other Bug Fixes: Not only these but GB Whatsapp 6.65 has already fixed very much bugs from the previous version of the app. With all these features, bugs have been fixed on the latest GB Whatsapp 6.65 apk.

Changelog: GB Whatsapp 6.55

Deleted Messages: Now You can see the messages deleted by the other user. It was missing from the previous version as well. This feature will allow only GB Whatsapp Users to see the deleted messages by any of their friends/family/relatives or any other.

Whatsapp previously rolled out this feature which included the ability to delete a message from the other person as well in some time if it was not read by the person. Now, GB WhatsApp will show you even the deleted messages from other users as well.

Select All from Main Screen: You can simply select All the chats from the main screen now to copy or delete or whatever you want to do with that. It is now a lot easier to select all the messages in one go from the Main screen only.

Applying Theme Bug Fix: Some of the devices were facing problem to apply theme on the GB Whatsapp. With the latest APK, It is now fixed for all the devices. You can easily apply themes which you want without any error/bug.

Backup/Restore Bug Fix: The bugs faced on some devices included issues during backup or restore chats is now fixed. Now, You can easily backup or restore your chats without any problem.

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And much more. The list continues with some of the bugs fixed within the app. These were the main highlights of Changes took place in the latest GB Whatsapp 6.55 APK.

How to install GB Whatsapp on any device?

First of all, You need to download the latest version of GB Whatsapp 6.65 from the link down below. Simply click on the download button & follow the next steps given below.

  1. Download the latest GB WhatsApp 6.65 APK from the download button below.
  2. Save it to your preferred storage in the device. It can be the Internal storage or microSD Card. Make sure, You store it at a place where you can find the APK easily.
  3. Tap on the file downloaded/stored in the previous step. Click on Next. Then Click on Install.
  4. Now, You have installed the latest version of GB Whatsapp, To set up the application, Follow the next steps.
  5. Click on the green button after opening the app which is termed as Accept & Continue.
    GB Whatsapp 6.65
  6. Now, Enter The Mobile Number you want to register with WhatsApp. Make Sure, It is not logged in any other WhatsApp platform.
  7. Verify the Phone Number by entering the Security Code generated for your mobile number.
  8. Click on Next and If you have stored any backup from previous in the Cloud, Restore it by clicking the Restore button.
  9. Click on Next, Set up your profile and then Click Save.

BOOM! You have successfully installed the latest version of GB Whatsapp 6.65. Enjoy the great features provided on one of the best MOD of WhatsApp.

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Is it Safe to use GB WhatsApp?

You might have thought; Is it safe to use GB Whatsapp? Well, GB WhatsApp is not the official WhatsApp & It’s a MODDED version of WhatsApp. It clearly states WhatsApp servers are not responsible for anything caused. However, Many of the public is using it for a long time including myself. I have been using GB WhatsApp for more than 6 months & It provided a lot of interest & amazing features that I could never expect in the official one. So, It is worth trying at least once to check out these amazing features & prank your friends as well.

There are tons of feature in the application that if you will use them, You will definitely stick to GB WhatsApp only. For the customizations, GB WhatsApp is the best platform to customize your WhatsApp platform. You can enjoy all the features available on the official WhatsApp as well.

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Well, We also included the previous version of GB WhatsApp. If you want to download the previous version as well, Simply click on the link given beside every version.

Earlier Version

Over to You

This is it from my side. I hope you liked the information I shared about the latest GB WhatsApp APK. If you have any queries/feedback/suggestions, Let me know through the comments. Also, If I missed anything about GB WhatsApp, Correct me through the comments as well. Having any trouble downloading the file or installing APK, Comment down below and we will try to solve it in less 48 hours.

Have you installed the GB WhatsApp APK? If Yes, then share your experience with one of the best MOD of WhatsApp. Also, Have you checked all the features that we shared above? Go and try them with your friends.

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