Capcom is a Japanese video game developer and publisher. Capcom is a very famous and known name in the gaming franchises. Capcom has a series of gaming developed by it such as street fighter, mega man, resident evil, devil may, as well as a monster hunter. Capcom also develops the Disney gaming and animated series properties.

Capcom’s new resident evil game

According to some reports, it is concluded that Capcom is might working on the new resident evil game because the developer of Capcom’s division 1 has sent some emails to the residents of the evil ambassadors in Japan. Moreover, in those emails, they are inviting the residents of the evil ambassadors in japan for a testing a game, which is not completely developed yet but in progress and might be developed soon.

That email which is sent to the residents of the evil ambassadors of japan is translated into Japanese from the English language. In that email, it is clearly mentioned that the new evil residents game is under development and they are requesting to test the game. That email also includes an entry option for those who are really interested in testing the game.

capcom new resident evil game
capcom new resident evil game

New resident evil game is selecting a group of fans, which will test the game in development. This email was shared and translated into the English language by Biohaze, a resident evil site and it says that new resident evil game is recruiting the testers for the game, which is under development or in development. Testers might test the new resident evil game around next month.

However, the new resident evil game has successfully continued making the suspense because the new resident evil game has not described the changes or workings with their fans yet. In the past, the resident evil 2 remake was very successful. This will encourage very much to the fans of the resident evil games.

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