Back in the year 2018 when a self-driving Uber car struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, which is in Arizona. It was seen that a vehicle with the autonomous technology was involved in such a fatal accident and it can set off the warnings across the cars industry.

self-serving cars

This incident raised a big question on the car industry that “Are self-driving cars actually ready to be tested on real streets?” or “How can the technology be improved to avoid these kind of accidents on the streets?”

Actually Self-driving cars or automatic cars “see” the world through a range of the high-tech cameras and sensors, which are attached to the cars. However even the best and high-tech cameras with best technology can be tripped up in the dark.

As a solution of this problem an Israeli startup, which is named as Tri Eye is now soon launching a dashboard, which is mounted with SWIR short form of “shortwave infrared” camera for its customers that can be successfully navigated through the snow, fog, dust, rain, and even rain as well.

self-serving cars

The high-tech SWIR camera, which is used by Tri Eye, is not even as big as a coin.

We have been using high-tech SWIR cameras for several decades now; initially it was used in the military works. However later military stopped using it as they were too expensive to use in with the mass production.

Tri Eye is researching on this high-tech technology from around 10 years and this research was conducted by Prof. Uriel Levy, who is the head of the nano-photonic lab in the department of applied physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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