Who doesn’t know Spotify? If you do and if you are a proud owner of an Apple smartphone then this news is for you. This Swedish music streaming company has recently entered into a deal with Apple. According to reports, through this deal iPhone users can tell their voice assistant Siri to play songs or podcasts on Spotify.

this report comes amid the anti-trust battle which is rising between the two companies.  Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant already respond to this command, but Siri does not. Well, looks like it is going to change soon.

Spotify now has over 232 million active monthly users globally and 108 million premium users and it is witnessing a 29% growth y-o-y, with the premium subscribers growing at the rate of 31% every year. When these figures are compared to that of Apple Music, then Apple music reported only 60 million paid subscribers this June.

Apple and Spotify are currently in a legal tussle when Spotify in March filed an anti-trust complaint against this Cupertino-based tech iPhone maker with the European Commission. According to Apple, Spotify is not paying the Apple tax of 30% on its subscriptions; when done via App Store.

This tug of war is only intensifying with Spotify calling Apple a ‘monopolist’.

iPhone users may soon ask Siri to play Spotify: Report

EU, the European Commission is currently investigating the allegations placed by Spotify on Apple. according to these alleagtions Apple is unfairly favoring Apple Music through its App Store policies and hindering its rivals.

Spotify also told the EU in its accusation that Apple requires all the digital services to pay a tax of 30% on the purchases made through Apple’s payment system. these purchases also include upgrading from a free to a premium subscription.

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Apple replied to this accusation by stating that this tax share is 30% only for the first year, it drops to 15% in the later years.

“The only contribution that we require is for the digital goods and services that are purchased inside the app using our secure in-app purchase system,” Apple added.

Apple made an accusation against Spotify saying that this digital services company was trying to squeeze everyone including musicians, artists, and songwriters, not just the Apple App Store.


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