If you forget Daily tasks, We’ve got you covered. I Did It is a new Android application in the market. This application helps you track your habits daily. If you are wondering how it works, let me tell you that this will remind you to do all your tasks daily.

You must have some tasks that you want to do daily, but forgets some day. With I Did It, You can easy remember which task you have to perform that particular day. Isn’t this cool? Well, I Did It will remind you about tasks everyday. You can make your personal account on IDidIt app and you will easily see every tasks anywhere.

I Did It

This App is still in Initial Stage, You might find some bugs, issues. But, Developers have assured us that the IDI team is constantly working on this app to make it the most productive tool on your device. The Latest App version v1.02 was released some days ago, and we have tested the application at our end. Well, It still needs some improvements and additional features, We hope that the IDI app gets all of these as soon.

There are a lot of features coming to this app as per our sources. The first one being the Reminder about the tasks. Also, Offline Mode and Theme features are one of the best features coming soon on the IDI app. This application completely focuses on one’s privacy so the developer team has assured that they won’t be using Social Media logins for some time due to the Privacy Breaches in some of the popular services.

I Did It

If you use this application, Your productivity might increase a lot, as per the team. This application focuses on Regularity and Punctuality. The Daily tasks are termed as Habits on the IDI app. With the use of technology, We are able to make the most out of our day. This will definitely increase productivity if we use it properly. You can add as much as tasks you want to do daily as of now.

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We have tried and tested the app on our Android Devices. Sadly, The application is not available for iOS users as of now. There is no confirmation of the availability of the application on Apple devices. But, We might see a Web Version of this application very soon, as per our sources. We will be waiting for more upcoming features on this application to test and give our opinions on those.

I Did It

So Far, The app is working super fine without any lags. The UI is little bit simple but Let’s wait for the few upcoming updates that might solve the problem of the User Experience on the IDI app.

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