Huawei has finally launched its Wireless Charger in the Indian Market. The Company has partnered with Amazon to launch their Wireless Charger exclusively on Amazon India for the price of Rs 3,999.

The Charger comes with WPC Qi authentication, which makes this charger usable for all the devices having support to Qi Charging. Along with the mobile phones, this charger can also be used with the cases that support Qi Charging technology.

This charger also has the functionality to automatically shut down when connected with any keys or any other metal objects for safety reasons. Apart from this, There are different safety protections used in this Huawei’s latest Wireless charger.

The surface of the Huawei’s Wireless charger is made from Soft Unibody Silicon material which makes it easy to handle the mobile device and save it from falling as well.

The Charger supports 15W charging and it can also charge a device having a case up to 5mm thickness. The Charger can automatically arrange the output charging according to the conditions and device.

This Charger is available for Sale on Amazon exclusively at a price of Rs. 3,999. You can purchase the device directly from the Best Buy Link here.

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