When it comes to fitness tracking apps, the options are too many, but all the good applications out there tend to focus only on one kind of exercise. Either you can track your running from it, or cycling, or yoga. But what if you are the kind of person who likes to play all the types of sports to keep yourself healthy? Is there no application for you? Wrong.

There is, allow me to introduce Google Fit to you. The application that keeps track of your every exercising regime, it stores all your fitness data in one place. No need to maintain separate apps for your separate demands anymore.

You can sync all the popular apps with Google Fit, apps like Strava, Runkeeper, Runtastic, Mindbody, MapMyFitness, LFConnect and Headspace. We have included the directions to sync these apps with Google Fit, these instructions cover only the android applications.
If you use a different app then you will have to see if it is compatible with Google Fit, the list of all compatible apps is here: Play Store.
However, this is not a comprehensive list.


On the settings menu of Runkeeper, scroll down to find “Apps, Services and Devices”, from the list select Google Fit and then confirm the permissions.


On the Settings menu, open “Link Other Services” under the account tab. Then tap of Google Fit and grant access.


In your profile tab, tap the gear icon and then tap on “Partner Accounts”, select synchronize to Google Fit and then grant the permissions.


On the settings tab, find “Integrations” menu, in this menu select Google Fit and confirm the permissions.


Find Google Fit in Settings tab of Hamburger menu, toggle it on and confirm permissions, and you are good to go!


Click on your username in the app and find the settings option, in here, find Google Fit and confirm permissions.


In the settings tab, find fitness apps option and toggle the button of Google Fit.
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