You might have been trying to unlock the bootloader on your Pocophone F1 to use some amazing Custom ROMS & other development features, But, Didn’t get it done? We have a solution for you which can be the easiest way to unlock the bootloader of your Pocophone F1 (Poco F1). Although It might be similar to all the other Xiaomi devices, You can try this on other as well. Before that, We need to actually talk about Why you should unlock your Bootloader? Will it void the warranty? Will there be any problem in the future? Let’s just solve all of your doubts.

Why Should You Consider Unlocking Bootloader on Poco F1?

To be very honest, Unlocking the bootloader helps you a lot. You can install any Recovery on your device. With Unlocking the bootloader on Pocophone F1, You can try any custom ROM built for the device. Additionally, You can also experience the latest Android OS by the ROMs built particularly for your device. You can also enjoy rooting your device & try different modules which will help you to enjoy additional features on your Android device. Not only this, You can even use different patches for the Game builds to get extra weapons, cheats & much more.

Will Unlocking Bootloader void Warranty?

If you try the official method given below, It will definitely not void your warranty. Unless You have tried any unofficial method/tool, Your device is under warranty. But, That’s not the whole part. The question may arise, If You use Custom ROM or ROOT your device, It might harm the warranty of the Pocophone F1. However, Xiaomi has a particular Community where people try these ROMs and share their experience as well. If you use any unofficial tool or method to flash different ROMs, then it might void the warranty. It will be better to stick to MIUI before visiting the Service Center in any harm (Suggestion :p).

Should you try Custom ROM?

If you are a fan of Stock Android, feeling bored with MIUI, You should definitely flash the Custom ROM on your device. To do so, Unlock the bootloader first by the method provided below. Then, Install a Custom Recovery for your device, e.g, TWRP. Then, Download the Custom ROM which you would like to try along with the suitable openGAPPS, Flash them. Boom! You are done. You can use the custom ROM on your Pocophone F1.

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How to Unlock Bootloader on your Pocophone F1

You can follow these steps to unlock the bootloader of your device officially. Make sure, You have the complete backup of your personal data & save it to the Computer/Cloud Storage first. To be on a safer side, You should always back up the data before proceeding with these types of processes.

If you are ready to proceed, Then Follow the steps mentioned below to Unlock the bootloader of Poco F1:

  1. First of All, Go to Settings of your device.
  2. Then Navigate to About Phone through the Settings.
  3. Enable the Developer Options of your device. To do so, Click on Build Version multiple times until it enables the developer option for your device.
  4. Now, Go to Developer option by just navigating to the Additional Settings of your device & Select the Developer Options.
  5. Then, Click on the toggle beside OEM Unlock & You will be redirected to a pop-up, Just click on the Enable button to Enable OEM Unlock option.
  6. Now, Navigate to the option “Mi Unlock Status” and add the primary account you use as the MI Account. You will see the ‘Device is Locked’ as of now. Just add the account, You will have to ask for permission through that account only.
  7. Ask for the permission to unlock the Bootloader of your Poco F1. Be Genuine, The application will be reviewed manually. For e.g., You can ask for permission to test the Development, Custom ROMs on your device. (Just Be Genuine, You will get approved). This process might take 2-3 days, Wait for that until you get the SMS on your device.
  8. You can now download and install the Mi Unlock software for Windows from here.
  9. Once, You have finished installing the tool, Sign in with the account which you have used while getting permission.
  10. Now, it’s time to connect your Poco F1 to the computer. To do So, Power off your device first. Then, Press & Hold the Power Button and Volume Down button simultaneously. Now, Connect your device to PC via USB Cable.
  11. Now, Click on Unlock Button present on the HomeScreen of the Mi Unlock Tool. You will see a Pop-Up with the warning, Just Allow it & Click on “Unlock Anyway”.
  12. This is it for you, The Unlock Tool will now try to unlock your Pocophone F1 & will tell you once done.
  13. Boom! Your Poco F1’s Bootloader is now Unlocked!
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This is How You can unlock the bootloader of your device. If you face any Error like “Could Not Unlock”, Do not worry. It happens sometime, Just wait for a minimum of 3 days or more. Then, Try again to get the Bootloader unlocked. This was the shortest & Easiest official method to unlock the bootloader of Poco F1.

NOTE: We are not responsible for any harms you do to your device while unlocking bootloader or Installing Custom Recovery. Just work with patience & Use a little bit of Brain to work smoothly. If you face any problem while doing so, Let us know in the comments.

Let’s Wrap

That was it for the Bootloader Unlocking process on Poco F1. If you face any problem while following the above steps, Let us know through the comments. Also, Share your thoughts/experience of unlocking the bootloader on your device. We will be happy to hear Feedback/Suggestions/Queries from you in the comment section. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Telegram to get latest & exclusive tech updates.

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Stay Tuned & Have a Nice day


    • It is a bug in the tool for Poco especially, However, It was solved recently. If you Reinstall the software & wait for just 3 days after Error, It will work.

    • Make Sure You are using the latest tools and are on latest stable ROM.
      Connect both your phone and your PC/Laptop with the same account and try again.
      Also, Turn on OEM Unlocking and add account in the Unlock Status along with enabling USB Debugging.
      Try these steps completely.


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