TikTok is an android as well as iOS social media video app. TikTok allows its users to create memories, shape them in a video, and share it with the world. In TikTok, you can create a funny, romantic, talented, serious, comedy, adventurous or any other type of video by just lip sync with the voices in the videos.

TikTok was launched worldwide last year on the same day. Just after few months, TikTok gained so much popularity and become the United States most downloading application. In India, also it becomes the very famous mobile application as people can make the wonderful videos just by lip sync with the voices.

Journey of TikTok in last one year:

TikTok remained in headlines for many times in this last one year. TikTok was banned too. No matter what had happened, TikTok remained at the same place in the hearts of its users.

TikTok banned in India:

TikTok was banned in India by high court because of its increasing craze in public as well as increasing accidents because of the TikTok videos. TikTok faced a lot of criticism also for its videos and all. The users who already have TikTok installed in their phones can use the TikTok application in future also, but the people who wanted to download it afterwards were not able to download the TikTok app.

TikTok was earlier banned in the other countries as well like Bangladesh and Pakistan because it was being reported that TikTok was showing some abusing or sexual content in the application, which was not good for the children of the age group 11 – 20.

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TikTok is merged with musically:

TikTok planned for the merger with another famous mobile application named as musically. TikTok merged with the musically app and started allowing its users to make and create short dialogs and popular scenes from the movies on the TikTok app.

TikTok successfully gets 1 billion downloads on Google play store:

After that, TikTok was in the headlines because of its 1 billion downloads, which was TikTok’s great achievement. It was reported that TikTok has been recorded 1 billion downloads successfully on the Google play store. It is also considered that TikTok is the most famous application on the Google play store after WhatsApp and Facebook.

Happy First Birthday TikTok!


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