Google has recently announced a new search provider, which will be coming to us around next year. The new search provider option will be there on the EU android phones. This new search provider option will appear to you only when you people set up a new android process and in it you people have to select which search provider you want to use Google or the new search provider.

Google’s new plan of launching the new service provider other than Google itself in the android smartphones as well as android devices like tablets an all will be for Europe users. You will get around four different options and you have to choose one of them as your phone’s default search provider.

This new search provider option is provided by the Google because it was once said that Google is playing unfairly and giving more preference to its platforms like Google chrome and all because in the android smartphones and android devices like tablets and all Google comes as a default search engine or a default search provider. This is the main reason that Google is now providing the option of selecting the default search engine or search provider to android users.

The European Commission had blamed Google for taking the unfair advantage because of the pre-installed Google applications in the android phones and this is why Google has answered the European Commission. Google has given them four different options to choose from and decide which will be their default search provider.

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From the beginning of the year, 2020 European users of android will get a choice on their phone screen of choosing one of the four options to set their phone’s default search provider. the plan which is created by google an which will be executed from the next year onwards is really appreciable by most of the people in Europe as well as in the world.


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