Security Researchers at Trend Micro found annoying adware inside 85 applications in Google Play Store and as soon as Google came to know about it, Google removed them.

This Adware was called AndroidOS_Hidenad by Trend Micro and according to them, it was an example of the real-life impact of an Adware on Play Store.

Trend Micro said that not only these advertisements are difficult to close but they also use some ridiculous techniques so that they are not detected by user and time-based triggers.

Ecular Xu, mobile threat response engineer at Trend Micro said that majority of those applications are disguised as either gaming or photography. And these applications were downloaded eight million times from the play store.

Google Removes 85 Apps From Play Store Over Adware: Trend Micro

Some of the most popular applications that were infected by this Adware and discovered by Trend Micro are – Pop Camera, Super Selfie, One Stroke Line Puzzle.

According to the report, all those applications were signed by different digital certificates and they were uploaded by the names of different developers. However, they shared similar behaviors and even the same code.

These apps were removed as soon as the security researchers shared the results of their study to Google.

However, Trend Micro also said these applications should ideally affect only those mobile phones which are running on the older versions of Android. Newer Android versions show a confirmation dialog box before these apps begin their shady activities. So you are safe if you have an upgraded phone.

So next time when you download not-so-famous applications from play store make sure to check their reviews thoroughly. Even if they have many reviews, the chances are they would be fake, and you would be able to tell the difference.

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