There was this one thing about Google Fit that made it very different from other fitness apps. It did not offer features that other apps did. But it looks like Google is changing…er, changed this too.

In the latest Google Fit update, new features will shock you, keep reading to know what they are.

Google is on a quest to add dark mode to almost every one of its apps and now this quest has reached to Google Fit too. Now, as soon as the Google Fit update hits your phone, upgrade the app and enjoy the dark mode, Google seems to think you will enjoy that more.

However, the most welcome update is the addition of sleep charts. All you need to do is connect your favorite sleep to Google Fit, and bam, tracking your sleep has never been easier. 

Inside the Journal section of Google Fit, you can also add, edit, and see your sleep history, cool, no?

Oh, no, don’t be disappointed just yet, iOS users, there is something for you too. Like, Android users could always view the maps of their workouts and a map of their routes inside Google Fit, but now iOS users would be able to view that too.

So, let the update roll out, you will find iOS users running, hiking, biking routes with Google Fit, but hey do not forget to keep track with your smartwatch, Wear OS, Apple or any other.




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