We have been using Google Chrome for a very long time now and the design was kinda outdated. To celebrate Google Chrome’s 10th anniversary on 2nd September, Google redesigned their web browser ‘Google Chrome’ with a new material UI which looks dope. After testing it on BETA, Chrome’s new UI is now finally available to all the users via latest Update. Google recently rebranded Google Tez to Google Pay on its first anniversary in India.

Google has been doing some amazing work, let it be Google Pixel devices, Google Home or any other Google product we see in the market. Talking about Google Chrome, It is available on all the platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome OS and other operating systems as well. The Web browser by Google is fast and secure as claimed by the organization. Google Chrome is mostly used by the geeks, tech enthusiasts, casual users, officials and others as well.

Google Chrome has not only changed in the User Interface, It also included some additional features in the deep too. The search results are shown sometime in the address bar itself. For example, I searched for 9,999 USD to INR, the results were shown in the address bar itself without pressing the enter button. The Results were provided from Google itself and were accurately live data.

The user interface is now changed to Round-Corners UI which is amazing in my opinion. The ‘NEW TAB’ now allows adding shortcuts to some website along with allowing to change the background of the page. Not only this, Google Chrome’s latest version has a more accurate AutoFill feature as per claimed by the company. The password management on the latest Google Chrome has changed a lot, It can also generate a password for you on different sites and save them in your account’s browser.

The Latest update for Google Chrome will be available to all users including Desktop & Mobile users from today. If you have not seen the changes yet, try updating Google Chrome from the settings in PC and from play store in Android.

Fact: NetMarketShare declared Google Chrome to be used by 62 percent of people in World. After Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (combined) comes in the second position with 16.2 percent of the people using these browsers from Microsoft.

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This was it from our side about the latest update of Google Chrome with redesigned UI. I hope you have got the update till now. If you are having any trouble updating Google Chrome or didn’t see the latest UI change in Google Chrome, let us know through the comments. Also, Share your experience/feedback/suggestions through the comments & we will definitely love to reply your awesome comments.

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