Google rolls out new policies for US Election Ads. However, Facebook has already released them for Election ads. With these policies, Google is going to be more audience generic than the advertisers. It’s going to be more clear now and enough of the detail will be shared.


Google announces the policy as: It will be more clear now for the audience that who is running the campaign. The ads will also display how much money is being used for that particular campaign. Which party is directly or indirectly running the campaign.

According to the new policy, the advertiser will have to verify his/her identity to display ads. The detail will be shared from that verified identity. These policies are being taken into action because the company announced to make ads more transparent after Russia in 2016 used social media and ads for political benefits in the US.

Google also claims that they are building a Searchable library where they will make it clear that who is paying and how much for an ad campaign. This thing may arrive later this Summer.

Facebook already did that !!

Yeah, Facebook already announced similar policies in which they assured to show details about ‘Political ads’. Which is going to show as “paid for” before the context. This is a nice move of Facebook towards Election ad campaigns.

Walker announced we are coming with some more changes regarding election ads “We are continuing that work through our efforts to increase election advertising transparency, to improve online security for campaigns and candidates, and to help combat misinformation”

So it is clear that all the companies are focusing on audience generic ads that show the details about the campaign. This will help the audience to actually know who is using that ad for their political benefits.



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