According to the reports, Amazon has started offering its Alexa users the option to disable human review of their voice recordings.

amazon's alexa

This option of disabling the human review of their voices is now available through the Alexa smartphone app and, which is enabled by default.

Moreover, if you are the one who does not want Amazon employees or contractors to listen to your Alexa voice history, you can disable it now.

According to the reports, Amazon said that “the change went live on Friday” in the statement.

This decision by Amazon come into effect after Apple was caught in a privacy scandal over the company’s contractors listening to some really private stuff about the Apple users.

The main part is that this opt-out option is disabled by default.

amazon's alexa

The way of disabling the human review of Alexa voice recordings can be done through the Settings.
Steps to be followed are:

1. go to the settings.
2. Go to Alexa privacy.
3. Manage your data.

The third option “ manage your data” will give you two different options, which are that you agree to help to Improve Amazon Services and Develop New Features and Allow Amazon to use messages you send with Alexa to improve transcription accuracy. Moreover, both the options are enabled by default and you need to disable these options to stop human review of your Alexa voice recordings.

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