Flipkart wanted to help its customers on purchase decisions with a large variety of GIFs, videos, quizzes, and much more from brands as well as influencers. Flipkart is helping and educating its customers about their purchase decisions.

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Many a time it happens that we have been stuck in choosing between different products online when we buy something from an e-commerce platform. Many times it also happens that we have been there struggling to justify our next purchase. Is not it? As the customers, it is very natural as well as it happens to every next person in the world.

For some products, we can find reviews online also but it is a tough task to find a guide on every product.

Flipkart has understood this problem and working on it too for the convenience of its customers. Therefore, Flipkart has come up with a new and creative solution to help its customers on shopping decisions.

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According to the reports, Flipkart has said in its official press release that Flipkart is aiming to inspire its users by helping them in discovering new products and brands through the credible information and bring forth ideas that help consumers add new purchases seamlessly into their lives.

According to the reports, Flipkart will be able to bring the next 200 million consumers online from tier 2 and tier 3 cities who need some kind of hand-holding before they make their buying decisions.

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