Mozilla has launched a service named Firefox Send. It is a Self-destructing file sharing service which will automatically destroy the shared file/link after a certain time. This service can be useful for people who would like to share some files with others temporarily. With the Firefox Send, You will be able to share files with your friends, which will be destroyed automatically after some time.

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You can access this service from any browser. There is no need of having Mozilla Firefox browser for this service. A person can share a file up to 1GB without logging into their account. If you want to share bigger files, You can log in to your account on Mozilla to get an extra 1.5 GB limit. This makes the logged-in user able to share files up to 2.5GB on Firefox Send.

How to use Firefox Send?

Firefox Send

All you need to do is go to the official website of Firefox Send ( You can use this service anonymously or by logging in to your Mozilla account. After this, You have to upload your file on the dashboard and it will provide you the link that you can share with anyone you would like to share files with.

How Firefox Send Works?

File Size Limit

Firefox Send

First of all, You need to upload your file on the homepage dashboard. If your file size is more than 1GB, You will be needed to log in to your account. In this way, You can access your Dashboard and upload your file by browsing it from your pc/laptop. You can add multiple files at once as well.

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Time Period

Firefox Send

There are two ways you can ask the system to destroy the file. First one is according to the number of downloads. You can set a particular number of downloads limit, after which, the file will be destroyed. A user can only set the download limit up to 100 downloads. Or, You can set a particular time after which, the file be destroyed. The time limits are available from 5 minutes up to 7 days.


Your file can also be protected with a password. You can set up the password to your file while uploading it. The Receiver will be required to enter the password to access the files. After this, The file will be uploaded to the server and a link will be provided to you.

Firefox Send

Anyone with the link can access the files if it is not protected with any password protection. You can also copy the link of your previously uploaded files from the dashboard home. If you want to delete files anytime before it reaches the limit, Simply click on the Cross ‘X’ button on the file’s entry on your dashboard.


That was all about the latest Firefox Send’s launch. It is a great service that was needed for a very long time. With this, anyone can share files that are meant to be accessed temporarily. Share your experience with Firefox Send in the comments. We are seeking to know about how Firefox Send helped you.

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