As a part of Root’N’Roms series, presenting our first review of the Bootleggers ROM. We tested this ROM on Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo) and the overall performance was good. Let’s checkout features and have a closer look at the ROM.

How to flash Bootleggers

Flashing the ROM is quite simple and same as all others, First, we need to flash the firmware, then ROM, then OpenGApps. This ROM runs on Android 9.0 so you need to flash OpenGapps for android 9.0

Now we have to set up the device as same as all other custom ROMs. When the setup is done you see a Pixel-like default launcher with a nice wallpaper app.


This ROM has many features, first of all, it runs on android 9.0. So it has Picture in Picture mode enabled along with the split screen. Going in settings, you will see a bunch of features that you wanted to use for a long time. One of them is Auto Face unlock, the device unlocks after successful face detection, no need to swipe. The next feature we are talking about is the ROM comes with magisk pre-installed, that means no need to root again.

Talking about UI, Bootleggers has provided Retro Music for listening to music, MIX for exploring the storage, Via to browse the internet and ShishuWalls for downloading wallpapers among the collection of 1000s of walls. All these apps have the best User interface, especially Retro Music. Mind it, you will love the user interface of Retro Music.

Bootleggers BrowserBootleggers Music player

How I Used it?

I loved the user interface of the default launcher but still, Nova Launcher is my favorite launcher when it comes to customization.  I downloaded all the songs offline so that I can use the Retro Music player and also installed all the necessary apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. The default ringtones and notification sounds are also the best I have ever heard. I always change the ringtones for every ROM I use but didn’t need to change for this one. I installed Greenify for the battery performance, which I will be talking about in later part.

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It also hides the dots of pattern unlock for extra security. I also changed the font to Roboto. I watched some videos on youtube and didn’t face any issues with the quality and also with the Picture in Picture mode. I installed the Google Camera Mod to get some great quality pictures.

Nova launcherBootleggers Settings


Comparison with Viper OS

I was using Viper (Nougat) before flashing Bootleggers. And I have to say the User interface is much cleaner as compared to viper. The display is more bright in this ROM. All the pre-installed apps were working super fine with the great design.  Comparing it with the Nitrogen OS (Oreo), it gives much better battery performance than NOS.

Final Verdict

The ROM is absolutely good to give it a try but there are some cons I want to share:
1. The battery performance, Since it is running on android oreo. We can always predict that it will have some issue with the battery performance. It will never give the same SOT as on a Nougat ROM.
2. The font, I don’t know which font they are using, I don’t like it at all. So I had to change the font from the Typeface app. But that’s okay its everyone’s choice.
Overall I just faced these two issues with the ROM till now. Except these, I liked the ROM so much and want to use it until any ROM is published. This is my seventh day of trying this ROM, I will let you know about the updates of the ROM

Bootleggers Oreo Bootleggers Magisk

Coming to the conclusion of this review, If I were you, I would have definitely tried this ROM after reading this review.

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To download the ROM I used for Kenzo, Click Here.


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