I purchased the Bluedio TN Wireless Bluetooth Earphones a couple of months back from one of the Sales in AliExpress. I would like to talk about my experience & tell you guys everything you should know before purchasing these Bluetooth earphones from Bluedio. I have been using these earphones for more than 2 months now & I should say, these are just mind-blowing.

If you are a bit audiophile like me, I will highly recommend you these earphones to try at least once in your life. Before that, let’s talk about the design, features, build quality & much more about this lovely piece of tech. Also, Direct Link to purchase them via AliExpress is down there at the end, we will let you know about when you should purchase to get an awesome deal! Now, let’s talk about the design first.

Bluedio TN: The Design

Talking about the design, it is a normal Bluetooth earphone we see nowadays. Although there are a lot of earphones with a bulky design, it is not amongst them. The design of these earphones is simple & unique. It doesn’t let you feel about anything on your neck while wearing them. Not only this, if you go around in the market/public place, it will enhance your looks, definitely.

As I said earlier, I have been using these for a very long time, I have no complaints about the design of the device. As far as Earphone’s experience is concerned, it will fit in your ears smoothly & will not fall in case of running, jogging or while doing any other exercise. The design doesn’t look cheap at all; it has that awesome premium feel while wearing these earphones. As per the TechDefinite Labs, it gets 4.5 out of 5 for the designs.

Bluedio TN: The Quality

The Quality matters a lot in these kinds of gadgets. As far as Audio quality is concerned, these pairs of earphone have a good audio quality. They are still not the best, But, Considering the budget, it is definitely the perfect quality for the price. The build quality seems to be slightly lower than expected, I can feel the cheap material used for the wire. I always have a fear of them tearing down, because of only the quality. So Far, these earphones have performed so well for me. I can totally say, it is worth the bucks you pay.

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These earphones come with USB Type-C cable to charge this lovely piece of tech. The Cable is also pretty good but the port makes it feel ‘Not So Well’ made. You always have the fear of getting in trouble while charging, its damn hard to plug in one try. Obviously, It’s my opinion about the experience with these earphones. However, I got similar opinions from a few friends using it for a while now.

ANC Feature: Mind Blowing

I have already told you about the quality of these earphones. But, what about playing the good music in the public transport? You don’t want to listen to those chit-chats of those Women, Uncles, etc. You can absolutely switch on the ANC feature present in the Bluedio TN. This feature is termed as Active Noise Cancellation. I tried this while traveling from my city to another town while listening to songs from these best apps to stream Music. In just a few seconds of enabling, Almost Noise was gone. However, if anyone calls you from so close to your ears, you will definitely hear some noise.

This ANC Feature can come in handy while traveling, Public places & while you want to just relax and enjoy the music without any noise from the surrounding. These were my opinions according to the price range of these little baby. However, if you would like to compare it with the best earphones which cost more than 250$ or so, it will lose the challenge for sure. But, if you choose to compare it with the Bluetooth earphones under 10-20$, It will surely win the race*.

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Bluedio TN: The Battery

The battery on this device worked well for me till now. However, the company claims it to work for 12 hours but, I got the usage of more than 6-7 hours in a full charge. Still, it’s pretty good considering the fact that It charges in less than two hours. Also, If you use the ANC feature all the time, you will get a rough usage of more than 5-6 hours in a single charge.

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This little baby gets the job done for me for the complete day. I do not use these for more than 5-6 hours in a day. So, it has been a great product for me until now. I surely love the performance it gives me all day. There are some cons as well, it sometimes sucks during the music. I cannot confirm if It is only with mine or with everyone, but it affects the overall opinion about the device. This was the only drawback after 2 months of heavy usage.

Let’s Conclude

This was the Review about Bluetooth Earphones from Bluedio; the Bluedio TN. I purchased them from AliExpress at an Astonishing deal of 9$ in a sale. Keep checking the website to get these lovely pairs of earphone at the cheapest price from AliExpress. Wrapping it all up, I would like to conclude this with a suggestion, if you are truly an Audiophile but do not have the budget, you can consider these. But, if you can raise your budget with more extra bucks, we will publish a complete guide to get the best earphones at an amazing price. So, Stay tuned for that!

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