The Crypto Currency that made a huge trend in 2017-18, is now again getting the rising graph. Bitcoin saw a Huge Bump in the last couple of days. We have seen that the Cryptocurrency was going down for a couple of months in the previous year after getting huge success.

Bitcoin 15 December 2017

It all started when Cryptocurrency named Bitcoin saw an all-time High of 19,650.01 USD (12,59,035.09 INR) for 1 Bitcoin on 15 December 2017. After this, The Cryptocurrency could not handle it all and went on decreasing months after months.

Bitcoin 14 December 2018

The Cryptocurrency got the all-time low of 3,183.00 USD (2,28,889.53 INR) for 1 Bitcoin after 1 Year i.e, 14 December 2018. Now that 2019 has begun, We might see some trends in the Bitcoin’s pricing according to some Crypto Experts. And, We are actually seeing them. In just 2 days, One Bitcoin price went from 4,137.37 USD (2,86,327.93 INR) on 1st April to 5,030.67 USD (3,46,839.54 INR) on 4th April (8:00 A.M. UTC).

Bitcoin 4 april

These are the actual rates fetched from Google & We will update you guys whenever there is some happening in the pricing of Bitcoin. All of the Data including Pricing, Dates, Time was fetched from Google. If you find anything that is false till the time of publishing the article, Let us know.

We cannot predict/confirm any future report of being true after this article is published. The report shown here may be valid until 8:00 AM (UTC). Seeing the rise in the Graph, We are expecting that Bitcoin is going to make another trend this year. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, Read some guides before doing it in a hurry.

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