Can a charging cable of a mobile phone steal the data? What do you think is it possible?

The answer is yes! It is possible a charging cable of the mobile phone can steal your data.

So, from the Next time when you borrow a charging cable from someone for your smartphone or iPad, think twice before borrowing it because a hacker has shown that an iPhone charging cable can steal your data.

The Dubbed O.MG cable and the Apple USB lightning cable look normal and as usual from the outside like any other charging cable.

Charging cable

However, when you plug it into your device even once, from a nearby device and within Wi-Fi range, a hacker can wirelessly, transmit malicious payloads on your computer, which reports to the Motherboard of your mobile phone.

These types of cables come with various payloads, scripts, as well as different commands through which an attacker can run the malicious content into your device easily.

According to the reports, When you plug a borrowed charging cable even once in your device, an attacker can remotely lock a computer screen to collect the user’s password when they log back in. A hacker can also remotely kill or remove the USB implant, to hide some evidence of its use or existence.

These are the specific type of the Lightning cables, which allows for cross-platform attack payloads.

Charging cable

Today, almost every person knows that it is not safe to plug in random flash drives into mobile phones, but they aren’t expecting a cable to be a threat like this.

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