You might have been looking for the best productivity apps for your android smartphone. Guess What? We have got you covered. Here are the 5 Best Productivity Apps that you should download just right now. These apps are going to change the level of productivity in your daily routine.

Everyone has different taste, We tried to catch all of those But if you have any other recommendations, Let us know. Using these apps will change the level of how productive you live your life daily. You just have to download these apps and try to use them as much as possible. Avoid using Social Media, Videos, Games, etc. for a longer period in daily routine.

Let’s Just Try & See if these were beneficial for you or not.

Top 5 Best Productivity Apps

So this list was updated in March 2019. If the entries are updated, You will either get the New entries at the end Or the link to navigate to the Next Episode down below. Make Sure to check the latest Top 5 Best Productivity Apps for your Android Smartphone.

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Evernote is one of the widely used applications for multiple purposes. It will enhance your productivity in day to day usage. If you ever want to make notes, click pictures of the assignments, create multiple to-do lists, complete tasks and much more, Evernote is there for you. It can easily handle various tasks within the Android application. The best part about Evernote is you can directly sync all the content over other platforms including Windows, iOS, etc.

Additionally, You can use Evernote from your Android Smartwatch as well. Yeah, Evernote has the accessibility to Android Wear through the official application available on Google Play Store. However, You cannot access on more than two platforms from the free ‘BASIC’ account. If you upgrade to premium, You can use on multiple devices, and along with that, You get more data on the Cloud Storage of Evernote. If you are planning to upgrade to the Premium subscription, It is a good option and worth the price as well.

Talking about Our Experience with the App, It was terrific. The UI/UX on the Evernote app is much better as compared to other applications in the category. You will feel the minimal UI/UX on the android application. It will be worth giving at least one try; the free option will be good to go.


  • ANY.DO


ANY.DO is another application which makes you more productive. The application runs pretty well on the Android Platform as we tried. It can do multiple tasks unlike the previously-mentioned. This can remind you about the tasks you create within the application. You can add the tasks you would like to complete according to the deadline. It shows you multiple options while setting up the task, about the alarm type, reminding you, priority, tag, and much more.

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The application works perfectly when you have purchased the premium subscription. Unfortunately, You do not get all the features in the Basic free subscription. You will have to buy the premium of ANY.DO if you would like to access all the features like Priority, Color Tags, Task Management, and much more. However, We have not tested the Premium Subscription on the app, So, We cannot assure about the experience on the application.

Otherwise, The Free Basic Subscription of this cool Android application works decently. You can add multiple tasks, set reminder, etc. The UI/UX on ANY.DO is pretty good as well. But, You will have to purchase the Premium Subscription of the Application to access all the Features which lets you have the Best Experience of this Android Application.


  •  Slack


Slack is just AMAZING! Yeah, You got my point from the First line of the intro about Slack. It is one of the best application that can be considered in the BEST PRODUCTIVITY APPS. You might have a team working on different projects; It has to be a professional talk with all accessibilities. We have seen many companies using Slack for the Team Projects, Group Conversations, Marketing Team & much more. Slack is one of the widely used platforms for different professional purposes. The Android App makes it easier to conversate with Colleagues.

The Slack has a lot of useful features which can come in very handy if you are working with any particular team. There are a lot of options to create multiple Channels, Private Chats & much more. You can get into any of the Channel by just having the invite from the Admin and can access it from anywhere including Web Browser on PC, Mobile, Android Application, etc. The integration of Cloud Storage like Google Drive makes it easy to upload files and access it within the Platform.

We here at TechDefinite also use the fantastic Slack for our day to day usage. Experience on this platform is incredible. We have seen other alternatives as well, and after trying them for weeks, We came back to Slack for a very long time now. The Experience is, You should try this if you have any team/project. The Android App, as well as the Web Platform, is very Easy to Use and UI/UX is just up to the mark.


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CamScanner is the third App on the List for Best Productivity Apps. It is definitely made for those who want to scan multiple things at one go. If you are a Student, You might need some notes but don’t want the Hard Copy. In this Era of technology, Soft Copies & Cloud Storage are the best options to have any study material. People prefer scanning all the notes & saving it to the Cloud Storage which can be accessed from anywhere with the login.

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CamScanner is the perfect match for those people who would love to have scanning as well as cloud storage in one place. You can expand your Cloud Storage from the different tasks provided within the app. You just have to follow the official accounts of CamScanner which will result in increasing your Storage for the Account. You can scan different documents like ID Card, Business Cards, QR Codes, Documents, etc. The best part about the app is the OCR Reading function which will automatically fetch the text written on the document.

The Overall Experience of the CamScanner is fantastic. We have been using it for official purposes at TechDefinite as well. The UI/UX of the app is smooth and will not feel laggy at all. This App also has the Premium Subscription which will enhance the User Experience in multiple ways. Students can get upgraded for free using the Student Account on the app. This is one of the Best Productivity Apps we have used so far.


  • WPS Office + PDF


This is the Another entry for the Best Productivity Apps, You might have heard of it. WPS Office + PDF is an android application which lets you view/edit any Office document. If you would like to use the official Microsoft Office on Android, You will have to download multiple applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. But with WPS Office, You can view and edit all the documents in one place. You can also view the PDF documents from your Android device.

WPS Office + PDF is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office apps which lets you do the editing of MS Office documents within one app. Many users recommend the App after using it for a while. However, You will have to suffer from a lot of Ads in the Application. To get rid of the Advertisements, You can purchase the Premium Subscription of this android app.

Overall, We had a good experience with the WPS Office + PDF. The only thing that bothered the users is the number of Ads on the App interface; however, It can be controlled by purchasing a Premium Subscription. The app itself is an excellent Experience. We can expect a lot of integrations on the app in the Future. This is worth a try if you have a lot of Office Documents related work on your Android Smartphone.


Final Words

This was all about the Best Productivity Apps for Android. We hope You had a great time knowing these fantastic apps. If We missed any of the special mentions, you would like to give, Mail us or Comment down below. Make sure to check other articles as well; You will love them as well. Share this fantastic piece of Android Tech with your friends to let them know about these cool Productivity Apps.

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