If you are looking for Best PIE ROMs for your Android device, this is the best place. We will share all of the latest & updated Android PIE ROMs for your Android device. Some of them are really amazing and some of them are specifically best for their additional features on the list.

Although, We have tried to include all the best Android PIE ROMs which are available for almost all Android devices. But, There can be some chances that some of the ROM might not be available for your Android device.

If you want to include any specific ROM in the list, Let us know through the comments. We will try to update this list timely to let you know about the latest features of these ROMs. Share your feedback/experience while using these Android 9 Pie ROMs on your device.

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience

First of all, Let’s talk about the best Android PIE ROM you can get right now for your device. It is the Pixel Experience ROM (official) running on Android Pie. It is the best Android Pie ROM I have tried till now. But, Because of being the latest Android version, it has few bugs which might be fixed in the later updates.

Obviously, you are getting an experience of Android Pie on your device even though without getting support from the manufacturer, it is still a good thing for your device. As the name suggests, it gives a similar experience from the latest Pixel devices running on Android Pie. It has that stock Launcher with Google Widget on top. The Pixel Experience ROM has got similar ‘Recent’ UI to what we see on a Google Pixel 3/3 XL.

The Volume bar is now to the sides which makes it easier to access with one hand. Additionally, you get benefits like experiencing all Google’s default app for every purpose. This is definitely going to excite you with its Stock UI. You don’t even need to flash OpenGApps file with this ROM.

This ROM is available for almost all android device but due to some reasons, Some devices were discontinued. Yeah, A lot of devices now do not get further updates for PixelExperience ROM on their device. For this Reason, We have Bootleggers running on Android PIE.



This is one of my favorite ROM for the devices like Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo), Redmi Note 4 (Mido) & other as well. I switched back to it after using the PixelExperience for more than a week. I should say, Bootleggers has more features for the customization on your device. The battery on this ROM worked in the best for me. It is definitely going to give you better SOT compared to other Android PIE ROMS.

Bootleggers ROM is one of the best Android Pie ROM available right now. We have already done the review of Bootleggers ROM’s previous version. The things have changed and it is more reliable & has got a better overall experience. Not only this, The Bootleggers ROM provides a lot of customization to the UI which make it a better ROM in my opinion. I have used a couple of other ROMs as well.

There are a lot of updates and features provided to this ROM. Bootleggers is also updated monthly as like others. We have tested this ROM on a few devices and Bootleggers work perfectly on those devices. There is a certain reason for which this ROM is kept in this list. The best part we found about this ROM was that this ROM focuses on Battery Improvements, It works smoothly on most devices.

Havoc OS

Havoc Os

Havoc OS is another ROM which was requested by most of you. This ROM was recently added in the Best Pie ROM for all devices. The best part is the UI of the ROM. We have seen a lot of ROM in the past but Havoc has something different. The Flat UI that you would like to see on your device is present on Havoc OS.

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We have used this ROM for quite a while now and we can assure that you will love this ROM for sure. Although It gets regular updates but, if you find any issue/bug on your ROM, You can ask the members of this ROM’s official Telegram group. This can be one of the main reason to love this ROM for its support.

This ROM has developed so much in the past couple of months that it made its way to the Best Pie ROMs list immediately. You should definitely test this ROM on your device. It is available for almost all the supporting devices.

Resurrection Remix

Ressurection Remix

Talking about the next ROM on the list, I have used this ROM back at the time of Android Oreo. It was one of my favorite Android Oreo ROM. But, Things changed, Choices changed. Now, it is still in the Top 5 ROMs I consider for my device.

The UI on this Android Pie has changed a lot. You see a colorful animation on the boot, it is amazing. Also, This ROM is one of those ROMs which get weekly/nightly updates, which makes it a better performing/Stable ROM out in the market.

Talking about the ROM, it runs smoothly on most of the devices. It is available for almost all the Android devices & works smoothly on all of them. In terms of performance, it is a pretty good ROM with better Battery performance giving more than 6-7 hours of Screen On Time on the 2-Year-old Redmi Note 3. Not only this, Resurrection Remix have been developed so well, it does not have any bugs in the Stable ROM & is fixed within the next update (if any).

Not only this, Resurrection Remix have been developed so well, it does not have any bugs in the Stable ROM & is fixed within the next update (if any). So Far, Ressurection Remix is definitely doing a great job in the development part. The ROM is available for almost all the device so that is not an issue at all. Talking about the customization, It is one of the best in that list too.

AOSP Extended (AEX)

AOSP Extended - AEX

Talking about the next one; AEX running on the latest Android 9 Pie. It is one of those ROMs which is updated once in a while. But, Still, The ROM has got all the features we have seen on an Android Pie-based ROM. I have tried this ROM with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. If you are a fan of customizations, AEX will excite you too much. This ROM provides tons of Customization options for your Android device.

One of the reasons why I shifted to this Android Pie based ROM on the AEX from other ROM was the ability to use all the features without any hassle. This has provided most of the features for my device. I have been loving these features for a while.

Still, For the best SOT/Battery Performance, I will recommend using only necessary features. Because I have seen the increase in Battery performance when not using some additional features which are unnecessary. All in All, AEX is also a pretty good ROM to definitely give a try on your device. It is also available for most of the Android devices out there.

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This ROM is available for much more time in the market, it is a complete package of customization & stability. To experience this ROM, download the AEX ROM for your device specifically from the link below.

Nitrogen OS

Nitrogen OS

Now, coming back to the other recommendations of the Android Pie ROMS, the next on the lineup is the Nitrogen OS. I have used the Android Nougat & Android Oreo variants of this ROM. So far, everything has got me to love this ROM. This is the reason Nitrogen OS made its way to my recommendations for the best ROM available for all your Android devices. There are a lot of features which were better in terms of performance on the Nitrogen OS ROM.

I had to Stop using this ROM for only one Reason, being Its lesser battery performance. Yeah, I have to admit, I have used this ROM just after upgrading from an Android Oreo ROM & I didn’t like the battery performance of the Nitrogen OS at that time. This is definitely a good ROM with all the features & timely updates. This ROM has been appreciated by many of the testers on the internet.

You should definitely try this out if you want nearly Stock Android Experience with Customization options, it is definitely worth a try. The best part is, Nitrogen OS is available for almost all the Android devices and It runs on Android Pie for most of the devices out there. It is a must try if you want a ROM without any lag/bug running on Android Pie.

Arrow OS

Arrow OS

Arrow OS also made its way to the Best Android Pie ROMs list this time. It is similar to what we have seen on Havoc. Although, Both of them have their own specific features. As far as customization is concerned, Both these ROM works perfectly.

Without a doubt, Arrow OS can be one of the best ROM to try on your Android device. We have tested this ROM on some of our devices, It did a good job. Most of the ROM have similar UI, so does this. But still, You can try this ROM if you would like to experience Stock ROM on your device.

Regular updates and Security Patches are also provided for this ROM as well. The ROM development team is working really hard to provide updates for all the devices. This ROM supports almost all the devices that support a Custom ROM. If you are really in a mood to test new ROMs, You should definitely check this one out.

Final Words

That was all about the Best Pie ROMs available for your Android devices. If We missed your favorite in this episode, let us know through the comments & We will try to include in the next one. Also, share your experience with using these ROMs on your smartphone. If you have any doubts/queries/feedback/suggestions, let us know by commenting down below. Follow us on all Social Media platforms to get the latest technology updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Telegram.

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