You might have been looking for Best Free Music Streaming apps for your android smartphone, But didn’t find any good? I will share all of the best Music Streaming apps available for Android in 2018 and in fact, You can use their trials for free. If you have been a fan of Hollywood songs & want to know the latest Music album release, You would not search on the internet daily. Instead, You might install only one app which can help you to have a look at the latest music release along with streaming those songs as well.

I am literally an Audiophile. I love songs from Hollywood, Bollywood (Hindi) only. One day, I was searching for the latest songs after a while and came to know about many song releases in just one month. I could not figure out which one to download first and which were not so good, I had to download all those songs & It took more than one hour to download these much songs. Finally, I made a list of the best music apps that I could use and will suggest you download and stream songs on your Android devices. If you want to access the download features on some, You will have to pay some charges in the app.

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Firstly, I would like to mention that most apps will be from India only. However, I will share the apps from other countries as well in the list. Everyone has a different taste, It will be better if you suggest your favorite apps as well, Because I shared what I liked.

  • Spotify

Spotify is one of World’s best Music Streaming app. People from different countries love this app. The Web Application/Software is also available for Spotify to enjoy the song on the PC/Laptop. However, It is not available in India as of now but we are expecting a launch soon in India as well. Spotify gives you much more option than just streaming/downloading. You can make your own playlist and share it with your friends. Additionally, The UI on the app is so overwhelming that everyone would love it. If you are true Hollywood songs fan, Spotify is the best place to stream the songs.

However, You do need a premium account to enjoy some great features on the Spotify app. Still, You can stream songs for free on the Android/iOS applications, Windows software and other Spotify platforms. Spotify is one of the best app used by many Celebrities, Public Figures and other people as well. The User Interface on the Spotify is really awesome and you should definitely try the app today itself. I hope many of you are already trying the app and loving the app as much as I do. Share Your thoughts about Spotify in the comments using #Spotify.

To Download the Spotify Android App, Simply visit the link provided below to navigate to the official Google Play page for the app to download on your Android Smartphone. Or, You can also download the Latest APK and Install it manually on your android smartphone to enjoy the latest Hollywood Albums on your device.

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  • Gaana

Gaana is one of the Indian application which I am using for a while now. The app interface is similar or somewhat inspired from Spotify. The best part about the App is that It lets you stream songs for free without any trial limit. However, You will have to purchase the premium subscription if you want some of the features mentioned below. To be honest, I am using Gaana (Paid Subscription) for more than 2 months and I would like to suggest it to everyone who loves to listen to songs from their choice.

Gaana is the best app I have come to so far. I was using some other apps earlier but didn’t know about the amazing features available on the app. I always wanted to set my queue according to me, dragging and dropping songs up, Play Next feature for every song and other exciting features were provided only on Gaana in my usage. The quality of songs is obviously a boom on the Premium subscription, I tested the songs with my Bluedio TN Wireless earphones.

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The player can be accessed directly from the browser in Computer/Laptop. Not only this, The songs pause automatically whenever my earphones get disconnected. This particular thing annoyed me for a long time with the previous apps I used. There are a lot of Albums released exclusively on Gaana, that is definitely an advantage to me or other Gaana users. Gaana also provides free subscription sometimes, Follow TechDefinite to get an update on the free subscription codes.


  • Google Play Music

I have seen people using Google Play Music sometimes in the neighborhood. I asked them about the exciting thing about Google Play Music, They didn’t have many reasons for the quality but were clear about the songs list. The Google Play Music shares all the songs released recently as like the other apps do, This one is a free app available for all Android smartphones.

The app is easy to use with its Google’s designed User Interface that will obviously a great thing. It’s a Google product, So, It has to be the best in class. However, It also has the paid subscription for additional features. Google Play Music stores all the songs/albums available from Hollywood/Bollywood. Also, It will open the music file from your smartphone offline too. Since I have not tested the Google Play Music for a long time, I cannot talk much about the quality of this application. You can definitely give it a try by downloading it from the link given below.

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  • Saavn

Next Comes the turn of my ex-favorite Music Streaming app; Saavn. Let;’s talk about my experience with one of India’s best Music Streaming platform. I tried Saavn in the past and I loved the User Interface and the collection of this app. The app has literally a good UI, songs collection if you are a fan of Bollywood (Hindi) songs. As others, Saavn also has paid subscription for some additional features including download, High-quality audio and much more.

I have tested the premium subscription as well. The app is awesome and the quality was not bad at all. But one fine day, I installed Gaana and saw the latest collection was updated daily and all the features that I shared previously in the Gaana’s section. The app doesn’t allow the user to change the song’s position in the queue (when I tested last). Without a doubt, It is a great application to stream Music online. It too has the Web option available on the browsers through the official website.


  • Hungama

It might give Nostalgiac feel to an India hearing this name, It is one of the Oldest Music platforms in India. However, It doesn’t mean it will have that old User Interface, Hungama has similar User Interface to other music streaming platforms available in India. The app is available free to download from Google Play Store. The app provides music streaming feature for free. Although, Hungama too have the premium subscription with additional features including Download ability, Streaming quality, No Ads & much more.

There are a lot of apps available similar to Hungama. Hungama also provides the Trending Songs list, Bollywood Top Songs, International Songs and many other lists on their Music Streaming platform. The app provides free trial for 30 days which includes downloading the songs, high-quality streaming and other premium features as well. After the trial expires, You can stream the songs but will have to face different advertisements during the albums.


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Over to You

To Sum it all up, I have used most of the apps discussed above and not discussed here as well. The best app, in my opinion, is the Spotify app. But due to some reasons, It is not available in India as of now So, I use Gaana for my everyday usage (Playing Songs from Gaana while writing this lovely piece for you guys). If I missed your favorite app here, Let me know through the comments, We will make sure to update the choice in the next Series.

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