We all customize our smartphones to make them look awesome. Customizing the Android smartphone is so much easy nowadays. You just need to install some free apps to get the best experience from your smartphone. If you are on a rooted device, then it adds more sugar to your coffee. However, do remember that rooting a device weakens its security, so you should always get an Android VPN after rooting the device.

You can use vpns for many other things. Here is an article that compares two popular vpns, tunnelbear vs nordvpn

The Android Launcher

Companies pushing their own launcher with the phone, It makes us feel bored. The first thing which I always do after purchasing a new smartphone is to change its default launcher. It can be a different choice for you, but I like Nova Launcher the most. Let’s talk about a few launchers you can use to customize your smartphone.

Nova Launcher

It is the best launcher that I have used till now. It gives many features which are similar to Google Pixel‘s devices. If you like the stock Android interface, then Nova Launcher is the best choice for you.

You can add different widgets and the search bar as similar to what we see on Google pixel 2. It also allows the user to get notifications dots on the app icons. There are a lot of other features as well. You can use icon pack in the launcher itself. And this launcher also allows the user to have swipe up to drawer feature.


Microsoft Launcher

This is another launcher which comes from Microsoft. It is not as same as Nova but is unique in its own way. This also provides a lot of customization including widgets, changing the icon pack and much more.

The swipe up to open drawer feature is not present on the Microsoft launcher. But Swiping the dock opens an extended form for it. Other than that all the features are more likely Nova launcher but have some extra touch to them. However, It doesn’t make you feel using Stock UI, It is better than what you think.


Icon Packs

Icon packs are so important if you use any third party launcher. There are tons of icon packs available on the Play Store. I always like minimalistic and flat icons which makes my phone dope. With the same choice, I have selected two of the icon packs that I use generally.

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We all need icon pack to customize smartphone. Let it be the system icon pack which doesn’t make any good impression. At least I am the one who always installs an icon pack. Flatdroid is the best icon pack in my opinion if you like those round icons on your device. As the name suggests, These are flat icons which look dope.



GreyScale is one of the minimalist icon pack which suits on the light theme. This icon pack is the combination of the black and white icon pack which makes your smartphone simple and minimalistic. To set things up, You need to choose some light wallpapers which make your smartphone look dope.



Widgets are some important stuff if you are into customizing smartphones. There are a lot of widgets available on play store. But the main disadvantage of these is that most of them do not allow you to have multiple options. You will have to use the widget that the developer has included in the package. But wait, We have found a solution for that.

Zooper Widgets Pro

Zooper widget is the platform to get hundreds of widget made by the public. Zooper allows you to customize your own widget. There are a couple of widget templates already available on the play store. Either You can download them or create your own.

The only disadvantage of Zooper Widget is it needs premium variant to install custom widgets from the play store or creating your own. You can only use pre-installed widgets with the free version. So, If you want to download custom widgets, You need to purchase the premium version of Zooper widgets to use all the functions.


KWGT widgets

KWGT widget is similar to what we have seen in the previous section. You can call it a modified variant for the same. Although, It is a lot better than Zooper. Zooper does not have any pre-made widgets which can cover the whole screen. That is where KWGT comes into play. KWGT widget allows you to completely change the home screen of your launcher.

There are a lot of templates for KWGT widgets available on play store free or paid. You can create your own template which can include the wallpaper or another plugin for KWGT and also add space for icons. You should definitely give it a try.

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Substratum Themes

Substratum theme comes into play if you are on a rooted device. Nowadays, Samsung also allows substratum to be used on their flagships without rooting the device. It includes changing the complete theme, fonts, boot animation, sounds and much more. However, It is expected that Android P might not allow users to use Substratum on the device.

Swift Dark

Swift Dark is a substratum that I use all the time. This creates an awesome dark mode experience for all applications. As the name suggests, This one doesn’t create that pure black effect on the applications. It just creates a dark experience for all the apps. Especially, If you are a fan of Mac Mojave’s dark mode, This is surely made for you. The app works well with Settings, Google apps like Play Store, Google Assistant, and other 3rd Party applications as well.


Pitch Black

If you are someone who loves black a lot like me, then this one is also an app made for you. This one is darker and in fact, It’s pure black as the name suggests. The app works well with Settings, Google apps discussed earlier, Facebook, Messenger, and many other 3rd Party android applications. The combination of Black and Red on this app makes it more minimalistic and DOPE!!


Over To You

That is it from my side, I hope you liked this complete procedure to make your Smartphone look dope. If you liked this, Appreciate the hard work by sharing it with your friends on social media platforms. Also, If I missed anything or You want me to add other amazing apps, comment down your suggestions along with the link, I will take a look at them as well.

However, These are just my suggestions for you to customize your android smartphone. You may have a different choice, Just find the best one for you from the Google Play Store. Definitely, The update will come when we have a lot of other alternatives for this. Stay Tuned for that.

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