The results of Q3 for FY 2019 are out, and the tech giant has been pushed one rank below its original position. It is not news that Apple is no more the number one smartphone anymore, but falling from the third position is hurts too.



Well, looks like iPhone isn’t the apple of Apple’s eye anymore. IHS Markit Smartphone Intelligence Service report of Q1 2019 says that Apple shipped 41.3 million iPhones.

But in the Q2, it managed only 35.3 million, a sharp 14.6% decline.

According to the estimations of the report, Apple has seen a 15% y-o-y decline in growth and 19% quarter to quarter decline. And Apple is the only smartphone company from the top 5 companies that have witnessed this y-o-y drop. Now, Apple revealed that the contribution of iPhones to its revenue has decreased by 50%, a shocking figure.

Now, Apple is in the fourth position, its third position is now taken by Oppo. this Chinese smartphone maker sold 36.2 smartphones in this quarter and has witnessed a growth of 15% y-o-y and 43% per cent quarter to quarter. 

Looks like this quarter has been really successful for Oppo, the credit can be given to it being a key partner in the 5G rollout in Europe. Even though it does not have a significant market share in Europe, Oppo is still demonstrating its value in Europe, 

Although Apple has been aggressive in its promotional strategies, there are two key challenges that it has to face. According to the IHS report, the challenges are not enough price elasticity in the models which are 2-3 years old, and super-premium pricing of its latest devices. 

The overall data of smartphone industry is as follows: Total of 331.2 units was sold in Q2,   is a drop of 3.6% y-o-y.

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