The amazing feature of Android is now available. We all wanted to access our android smartphone from the web as much as possible. In this lineup, SMS messages are now available to use on the desktop. Just you need to have is android messages installed on your smartphone. Google’s own messaging application now lets you access SMS messages from the desktop itself.

Some Great New Features

Search & Send GIFs in Messages

Now you can simply search and share GIFs within the Android message app itself. So, You don’t need to first search GIF on the internet, Save it and then send it to the person. You can simply search within the app from now.

Copy OTP

The most awaited feature on Android messages, Copy OTP. However, there are other messaging apps available which provide the same thing for a long time now. But having it on Google’s native app is like adding extra sugar to coffee.

Smart Replies

Like Gmail, You also get the feature of smart reply in the android messages app. If a person sends you Where are you, It will simply show you the expected replies that you want to send. These smart replies work on Artificial Intelligence, Google is desperately working on AI nowadays.

Preview Links

If you share any link or receive any link, It will show you the preview of what’s inside the link. It will help you to ignore the spam or fraud messages, View only legit ones. This also works with youtube links.

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Benefits of messages on desktop

There are a lot of benefits of messages on desktop. The most exciting and important benefit is the access to OTP while using the desktop, Now you will not need to check your smartphone to copy the OTP. You can simply access the OTP from the desktop while working on it.

Another advantage of accessing the SMS on the desktop is sending and receiving messages becomes easy. You can simply write messages from the desktop if you still use SMS for conversations.

Like WhatsApp‘s web client, Android messages will also make a place in our day-to-day life because of its easiness & simplicity. You should definitely check this feature out.

How to Access Android messages on Web

To access android messages on the web client, You can follow the steps given below

  1. Install Android Message from Playstore
  2. Go to Android message’s web client at
  3. Open the app on your smartphone
  4. Tap on the more icon, Select Messages for Web
  5. Scan the QR code displayed on the web.

Boom!! You are Good to Go.

Google is doing some amazing stuff on android. However, Apple has already got this feature for years. But Slowly and steadily, Google is coming up with great features for Android, We must appreciate that.

You will see a lot of exciting features with Android P coming this year, You can still use the developer preview if you are Pixel, Oneplus 6, Nokia or Mi Mix 2 user.

Before You Go

This was a short and quick update for you guys about the android messages web client. I hope you liked it, Make sure to subscribe to our notifications by pressing the bell icon. If I missed something or If you have any queries/feedback/suggestion, Comment down below. Wanna have a deal with us? [email protected] is the address to ping.


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