Android Q is right around the corner. Google has pushed Android Q Beta update to the users who were enrolled for the beta testing. With this Android upgrade, You will experience better features and better performance on your device. Android Q Beta Phase 1 has already started rolling out and some of the users have already upgraded to latest beta updates.

Android Q Beta will be available for only a few devices in Phase 1. The devices which will get the Android Q Beta update in Phase 1 are Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixel 3 & Google Pixel 3 XL. However, Other devices from different companies might get to experience Android Q in Beta Phase 2. To experience Android Q on your Google Device, Follow the steps below.

First of all, You need to be enrolled in the Beta programme of Android upgrades. To Enroll in the latest Android Beta updates, Click on the link and Check if you have registered any eligible device on your account. You can interact with Android Community on Reddit, to get enrolled in the Beta Updates quickly. After this, You will start receiving the Android Beta updates on your device. Once, You are a Beta Tester for Android, You will get the Android Q update via OTA.

Features of Android Q

Source: Android Developer’s Blog

Control Over Location

Android Q location access

With this, The User will be able to control more over the location sharing on any application. The Beta update rolled out with a feature that can help the user to choose if any application can get access to your access for one time only or always. With this feature, Google is trying to control more on your Privacy Protection.

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With this feature, You will be able to give access to any application for only one time. This will be temporary access to your location for any application. You can choose which app can get the full access and which one gets only one-time access until you close the application.

Support for Foldable Screens

With the increase of Foldable Screens in the Markets, Google focuses more on providing support for Foldable Screens. With this, the Android System will automatically set itself for a better experience of Foldable Screens. 2019 will have a lot of foldable smartphones, Android Q is prepared for that.

Android Q folding screens

With this feature, Android Q will be able to support more ‘Big Screen’ displays. There are a lot of innovations coming to around Foldable Screens on the latest Android Q. We will wait for more updates on the Bigger Displays and Foldable Smartphones.

Sharing Shortcuts

Android Q Sharing options

Shortcuts are the best things which are Easy to Use on Android. With this feature, You will be able to share anything with shortcuts on top. With this feature, You will be able to jump into another application to share anything with the frequent receiver through the app only. This will work the same as what we would have expected as a shortcut while sharing.

More Focus on Connectivity

With this, Your Smartphone running on Android Q will provide you better and stable options for Connectivity purposes. You will get better options for connectivity. On latest Android, User will get better Experience in the settings for connectivity options. With this, You will get floating UI for the Connectivity options, which will include Mobile data, Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, etc.

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Android Q connectivity

With Floating UI, User will not have to leave the application to jump into connectivity settings. You will get all the options available for Wi-Fi, Mobile networks & much more without even leaving the application. This will ensure that the process doesn’t close while connecting to any network.

Much More

There are a lot of other options which will come to the latest Android Q. We will share a detailed article for the Features of latest Android in some time. We will share a lot of other updates about Android Q on this Section. There are a lot of other features that will be introduced soon. We are expecting the launch of Android Q Beta to other smartphones soon.

With Android Q, Google is trying more to focus on Privacy Protection & Security for Users. User Experience of the latest Android will be more focused on Google’s Flat UI. We are already seeing a lot of updates on the Google Services regarding the UI/UX, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Keep & much more.

Final Words

That was all about Phase 1 of Android Q Beta updates. This was rolled only for Google Devices, We will have to wait for other smartphones to get the latest Android Q update later this year. If you have already upgraded to Android Q on your Google Pixel device, Share your thoughts and Experience through the comments.

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