Android P Features are expected to be much better than the Android Oreo. Because this time, Google is focusing more on Artificial Intelligence. It will make this version of Android more awesome. Let’s find out what are the features of Android P and what is going to change in the next version of the Android.

Google has recently hosted their annual event named as Google I/O 2018. Where they showcased Android P beta features and availability of the upcoming Android version for the devices other than google pixel. Yeah, You read it right. Devices from some specific companies will also get an Android P Beta access this time.

Let’s talk about the features now

Time Limit/Management

Android P Features

Yes, Time limit. What it actually means? Google will be using artificial intelligence and will be saving your time that you consume staring at your smartphone. You can also set a limit for how much time an app should be opened every day. Android will not let you use the app after you consumed the fixed amount of time. There will be no option to ignore that and the icon will turn in to grey. The only way to use the app is to disable the feature from the settings.

Google is also testing a new feature which will turn your smartphone into grey and white when it’s time to go to bed. It is still in beta but everyone will love to use the feature as it could help us save our time and health.


Android P Features
Credits: XDA Developers

As you have probably used some of the gestures in Android and you may have loved them. Google is going to change the gesture ecosystem now for Android. Some Gesture navigations are going to arrive with the Android P beta. With these gestures, you will be able to navigate your smartphone more easily. Some might say it as a copy of iPhone X gestures but Google is going to change the game. You can swipe up or right for the multi-task access and back button will be available whenever any app will be opened.

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Android P Features

We all are pissed off from the continuous notifications from one of the apps, Google got a solution for us. The latest version of Android will have a feature to toggle notification from all the apps and will allow the user to put a limit or just go to do not disturb mode. Eventually, you will not see any notification from that app, not on the lock screen, not in the notification panel as well. You can also separate your work apps from personal app and apps will not disturb you in their specific time.

That means now an app will not annoy you during your work time and also when you are in ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode.

Screenshot in a new way

Android P Features

Android will allow you to edit screenshot without the help of any app. However, the feature is present in some custom skins over Android from some smartphone companies but this will come handy for all the users and especially the Stock ROM users.
Android P will also have an option to take screenshot directly from the power menu which will make it easier to take a screenshot. It is better than remembering the combination to take a screenshot.

App Drawer Style

Android P Features

On the basis of Artificial Intelligence, Google will provide a new feature for the app drawer. It will show you some of the shortcuts directly in the drawer when you need them. For example, If it’s morning you will get an option for Workout or any important call that you do in the morning time. This feature will work with the help of Artificial intelligence on which Google is working for years now.

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Adaptive Battery Use

Android P features

Now Google will use Artificial intelligence to save the battery of your smartphone. Android will close the apps you don’t need. Google is planning to use more AI based battery saver which will help you use your smartphone for more time with a single charge.

Android P Beta Availability

Android P Beta will be available for devices other than Pixel this time. Some of them include : Oneplus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, Nokia.

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